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Updated: 1 hour 36 min ago

Nottingham midwife saves best friend's life

10 hours 40 min ago
Aimee Summers recognised the signs of a potentially fatal blood clot and gave emergency first aid.
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Are plants a necessity or a luxury?

20 hours 10 min ago
A new campaign says we should pay less tax on plants because they are good for the environment and mental health.
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Targeted checks 'prevent one-in-10 heart attacks'

20 hours 45 min ago
Around 5,000 heart attacks and strokes a year could be prevented by personalising heart health checks.
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London loneliness: Hackney Brocals help men find friends

20 hours 53 min ago
The group aims to tackle male isolation across London through regular meet ups and trips.
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Sore knee? Maybe you have a fabella

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 23:59
A little bone scientists thought was being lost to evolution seems to be making a comeback, say experts.
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Mother 'felt suicidal' after baby death news reports

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 12:57
Holly Eastall says she felt suicidal after being falsely accused of abuse following her baby's death.
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Learning disability 'trapped' in hospitals as NHS target missed

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 12:46
More than 2,200 people with learning disabilities are still being treated in hospitals, figures show.
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Pembrokeshire GP job ad admits 'the hours stink'

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 12:34
A doctor in Pembrokeshire tweets a brutally honest job advert in a bid to relieve "tired" GPs.
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'My boyfriend's sperm, or a donor's?'

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 08:54
"Emma" says it is unfair that she faces a deadline to choose how to fertilise her frozen eggs.
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'The doctor wrote a question mark for my child's sex'

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 01:50
A child known as Baby A became the subject of a high court case that has prompted Kenya to start changing its approach to intersex children.
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HIV used to cure 'bubble boy' disease

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 23:33
All eight infants now have fully functioning immune systems after undergoing treatment, say experts.
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Salon opens 'safe space' for breastfeeding mums in Dereham

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 18:05
The owner offers a place for mums to feed their babies as her sister felt "uncomfortable" doing it in public.
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Pig brains partially revived four hours after death

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 18:00
The study could aid medical research and fuel debate about the difference between life and death.
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Ipswich 'murder-suicide': Crisis team 'missed opportunity'

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 16:43
A mental health crisis team is criticised for not intervening after the couple was found dead at their home.
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Mother of 14-year-old who killed herself at the Priory speaks out

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 16:26
Amy El-Keria was a patient at Ticehurst House Psychiatric Hospital, which has been fined £300,000 over her death.
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The Priory fined £300k over death of 14-year-old girl

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 12:57
Amy El-Keria hanged herself at a clinic run by the private healthcare company in 2012.
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'A wonder drug helped me eat - then for 10 years I had to go without'

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 01:59
When Louise Moorhouse took part in a drug trial she was able to eat normally for the first time in her life.
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Technology to keep dementia patients out of hospital

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 01:09
Radar technology and tiny brain-monitors are just some of the devices being tested by a new research centre.
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A rasher of bacon 'ups cancer risk'

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 01:05
Eating even small amounts of red or processed meat increases the risk of bowel cancer, study finds.
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'Circumcision caused my son’s suicide'

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 00:38
Why did a young man kill himself two years after being circumcised?
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