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Tropical Storm Odette Swirls Off East Coast With Peter’s Formation Imminent As Hurricane Season Shows No Signs Of Slowing

Sat, 09/18/2021 - 16:41
And yet another system is being tracked in the eastern Atlantic.
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‘Pokemon GO’ Oshawott Community Day: Date, Times, Moves, Research And Shiny

Sat, 09/18/2021 - 14:04
It’s time for another Pokemon GO Community Day, and this time, our featured Pokemon is Oshawott, from the Unova region.
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A ‘Destiny 2’ Warning Not To Miss Xur’s Multiple God Rolls This Weekend

Sat, 09/18/2021 - 13:26
Xur has become a bit more relevant in Destiny 2 than he used to be, offering not just a selection of exotics each week now, but also legendary weapons and armor.
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Here’s What’s Inside The Emmys 2021 Gift Bag

Sat, 09/18/2021 - 13:00
For the first time since 2019, the Emmy Awards nominees could take home more than a gold statuette. Stars are allowed to pick one item from each of the 21 brands featured in the Emmys Giving Suite.
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Covid Patients Are Overwhelming Intensive Care Units In These States

Sat, 09/18/2021 - 13:00
In one state, more than 60% of ICU beds are occupied by coronavirus patients.
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Teen, 15, Gets USB Cable Stuck Inside His Genitals Trying To Measure Length

Sat, 09/18/2021 - 03:28
An adolescent inserted the USB cable into his penis “to measure the length of his penis triggered by sexual curiosity.”
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‘Trillions Of Dollars’—Kevin O’Leary Reveals Massive Bitcoin Price Prediction And Crypto Plan

Sat, 09/18/2021 - 00:45
Celebrity investor and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary has said he expects "another trillion dollars worth of buying" into bitcoin...
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30 Candles That Smell Incredible—And Are All Under $30

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 23:34
Indulging in candles doesn't have to feel like you're burning money. Here are 30 great options that smell incredible and cost $30 (or less).
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Moderna Covid Vaccine More Effective Than Others In Preventing Hospitalization, CDC Finds

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 23:26
All three coronavirus vaccines offer strong protection against hospitalization, the CDC said Friday — but one vaccine appeared to outpace the others.
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FDA Advisory Panel Recommends Against Pfizer Covid Boosters—Except For People Over 65

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 21:36
The group of independent experts, which informs the FDA’s decision on vaccine approval, argued there isn’t enough evidence to support the need for a third dose of Pfizer’s vaccine.
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The Feds Are Coming For Delta-8 THC

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 20:59
Delta-8 THC, the hemp-derived cannabinoid currently legal under federal law that still gets you high, is finally being targeted by federal authorities.
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Solana's Market Value Plunges $20 Billion After Outage—Is This Good For Ethereum?

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 20:50
The price of Solana's sol token tanked more than 35% below last week's all-time high.
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Drone Airstrike Killed 10 Afghan Civilians And No Terrorist Targets, Pentagon Now Says

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 20:30
Gen. Kenneth McKenzie of U.S. Central Command apologized for the late August strike.
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Pre-Ordering The iPhone 13 Today? Here Are The Best Deals From Verizon, AT&T, Best Buy And More

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 20:25
The iPhone 13 is up for pre-order today from nearly every major wireless retailer and carrier you can imagine, including Verizon, AT&T and Best Buy. Here are the iPhone 13 deals to look out for.
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Americans Are Poisoning Themselves In Large Numbers With Bleach, Hand Sanitizer And Quack Covid Cures Like Ivermectin

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 19:27
Poison control centers dealt with more cases of people abusing the antiparasitic ivermectin, which has been falsely touted as a Covid-19 cure, in August than they did for the whole of 2019 or 2020.
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The Next Steps For Companies In Complying With Biden’s Covid Vaccination Mandates

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 18:02
The business-related provisions of Biden's vaccination plan are subject to review, approval and — given these contentious and divisive times — litigation. In the meantime, many corporate executives are left wondering what, if anything, they should do, how to do and when to do it.
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Nonprofit That Benefits Navy SEALs Supported Trump’s Wallet With $80,000 Mar-A-Lago Rental

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 17:41
A nonprofit that supports Navy SEALs and their families paid then-President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago $80,000 to host its biennial fundraiser in 2019, according to filings the group made with the IRS.
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Exclusive: An American Company Fears Its Windows Hacks Helped India Spy On China And Pakistan

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 16:18
Texas-based Exodus Intelligence says it had to cut ties with India after its research into Windows security was weaponized to attack China and Pakistan. It’s now looking into whether or not its valuable code leaked to other nations.
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White House Warns U.S. Could Plunge Into Recession If It Hits Debt Ceiling Next Month

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 15:48
Economic growth would falter and the labor market could lose millions of jobs, the White House told state and local officials on Friday.
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These Caribbean Islands Are On The CDC’s ‘Do Not Travel’ List—Here’s How Cruise Lines Navigate Covid’s Murky Waters

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 15:08
Ships still sail to islands with a CDC Level 4 rating. Here's what passengers can expect.
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