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Why 'Avengers: Endgame' May Not Keep Its Box Office Record For Very Long

4 hours 11 min ago
Will Disney allow 'Avatar' to take back its all-time box office record from 'Avengers: Endgame' in order to help promote 'Avatar 2'?
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Ski Travel Revolution: Vail Acquires 17 More Ski Resorts, Expands Epic Pass

4 hours 14 min ago
If you ski or snowboard, your winter fun and travel just got better and cheaper in a big way.
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Trump Ramps Up Assault On Workers' Rights With Scalia Nomination To Department Of Labor

5 hours 18 min ago
Trump’s pick to replace Alexander Acosta, forced to stepped down because of the shockingly lenient deal he gave convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein during his days as a Florida prosecutor, is in a way a crowing jewel of his anti-worker agenda, which has already cost workers some $42 billion.
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Gaming Community Mourns Sudden Passing Of Esports Legend Geoff ‘iNcontroL’ Robinson, 33

6 hours 16 min ago
Former StarCraft player and esports commentator Geoff "inControL" Robinson has died at just 33.
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Plant-Based Persuasion: The Tricky Psychology Behind ‘Eat Less Beef’

7 hours 21 min ago
In the past year, sales of plant-based foods have grown 11%, bringing the plant-based market to $4.5 billion. But the plant-based revolution isn’t over and won just yet.
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The World's 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams 2019

9 hours 24 min ago
Football still dominates our annual ranking, but no sport has seen more dramatic increases than basketball with its surging international business.
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U.S. Warship Took Down Iranian Drone Using New 'Jamming' Technology

10 hours 3 min ago
Anti-drone technology was allegedly used by the U.S.’s USS Boxer to bring down an Iranian drone last week. This latest incident shows the rapidly evolving state of warfare as tensions escalate between the two nations.
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Forget Samsung's Galaxy Note 10, This Is The Smartphone To Buy

16 hours 50 min ago
Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 no longer looks like where the smart money is spent. This phone does...
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New iPhone Leak Reveals Apple's Stunning Upgrade

16 hours 50 min ago
Apple's most exciting iPhone upgrade in generations has been revealed...
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Turkey After The F-35: Choice For Alternative Fighter Will Help Shape Country's Future

Sun, 07/21/2019 - 23:34
After being frozen out of the F-35 program, Turkey has four options to procure the hundreds of fighters it needs. The choice it makes could shore up its ties with NATO and the West or bring it further into Russia's orbit, and either strengthen its aerospace industry or effectively destroy it.
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Renovations That Don't Add Resale Value To Your Home

Sun, 07/21/2019 - 22:08
There are times when a master suite just shouldn't be part of your master plan.
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4 Project Management Trends On The Horizon…Are You Ready?

Sun, 07/21/2019 - 21:30
Project management is key to success for many organizations, and there are vast changes on the horizon. From AI to EI, project managers of the future must be prepared. Here are 4 trends you need to know...and tips on how to prepare!
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10 Charts That Will Change Your Perspective Of Amazon's Patent Growth

Sun, 07/21/2019 - 20:02
Amazon patents grew at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of above 35% between 2010 and 2019.
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'Avengers: Endgame' Tops 'Avatar' As 'Far From Home' Becomes Biggest 'Spider-Man' Movie Ever (Box Office)

Sun, 07/21/2019 - 16:40
Yes, 'Avengers: Endgame' is now the biggest-grossing movie of all time in unadjusted grosses, but that’s not the only big superhero box office news this weekend.
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Insurers Making It Tough For Sanders And Warren To End Private Medicare

Sun, 07/21/2019 - 13:30
Health insurance companies continue to announce record growth in their Medicare Advantage businesses with UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest health insurer, announcing last week that its Medicare Advantage enrollment jumped by 400,000 seniors to eclipse 5 million.
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He Built A $1 Billion Business Where All 700 Employees Work Remotely

Sun, 07/21/2019 - 12:28
Sid Sijbrandij knows a thing or two about building, scaling and even walking away from companies. His current venture is on its way to $500 million in revenue and is valued at over $1 billion.
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Stop Experimenting With Machine Learning And Start Actually UsingIt!

Sun, 07/21/2019 - 12:21
Some 87% of corporate projects do not get past the experiment phase and never make it into production. There's no need to reinvent the wheel, learn to program and then relearn statistics as though we were starting from scratch, when in fact the tools for machine learning have been around for years.
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Cyber Warfare: U.S. Military Admits Immediate Danger Is 'Keeping Us Up At Night'

Sun, 07/21/2019 - 10:11
This year has marked a turning point for cyber warfare—and the implications of the (largely unseen) escalation taking place have now become a real and present danger to us all.
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Facebook's Libra Is Already Ahead Of Ethereum, Litecoin, And Ripple's XRP--But Not Bitcoin

Sun, 07/21/2019 - 08:05
Bitcoin has been around for a little over a decade, while its biggest competitors ethereum, litecoin, and Ripple's XRP have been knocking around for a between seven and four years—but all save bitcoin are already being eclipsed by Facebook's yet-to-launch libra cryptocurrency...
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Manny Pacquiao Vs. Keith Thurman Results: Winner, Highlights, Twitter Reaction And Analysis

Sun, 07/21/2019 - 06:42
Manny Pacquiao adds ageless wonder to the list of superlatives used to describe him with a remarkable performance in a split-decision victory over Keith Thurman on Saturday night in Las Vegas.
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