Celebrity Drive: Pete Nelson of Animal Planet’s ‘Treehouse Masters’

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Quick Stats: Pete Nelson, host, Animal Planet’s “Treehouse Masters”
Daily Driver: 1994 Land Rover Defender (Pete’s rating: 8.25 on a scale of 1 to 10)
Other cars: see below
Favorite road trip: New Jersey to Colorado
Car he learned to drive in: 1971 Volvo wagon
First car bought: 1973 Ford F-Series pickup truck

Although the movie “Born Free” made people long to go to Africa on safari, it sparked a different dream for a young Pete Nelson in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Decades later, Nelson’s green 1994 Land Rover Defender 90 is not only a childhood dream fulfilled, but it’s a safari-ready ride that’s fitting for someone with a show on Animal Planet.

Photo courtesy Discovery Communications

“I’m looking at my sweet car right now. I’m so in love with it,” says the star of “Treehouse Masters.” “All my life since I was seven years old and ‘Born Free’ came out, I loved the lions of course, but the cars they were driving, those sweet little Land Rovers all over Africa, so ever since then I’ve wanted and I’ve been toying with getting one.”

After putting a card on the windshield of a Defender about four years ago, Nelson recently got a call from the owner saying he was open to an offer.

He loves that when he’s driving the Defender, it’s just him and the music that’s playing from the hidden CD player.

“I was so delighted because you can’t see the player inside,” Nelson says. “When I bought this I didn’t even know it was there and then you open up this console and then a very utilitarian metal box, you open that up and there’s a CD player,” Nelson says. “It’s a loud car and when you have your music playing loudly, you don’t hear the car anymore, you just hear the beautiful music.”

Nelson wanted to give the Land Rover a 7.5 rating, but after thinking about how much he liked the CD player and sound system, he revised it to an 8.25: “I’m a carpenter, so we’ll go down to the quarter inch,” he says, with a laugh.

Photo courtesy Discovery Communications

Other nuances of the Defender remind him of a simpler time. “It’s [got] manual windows so you’ve got to slide the window open physically to stick your arm out and make your turn signal,” he says, laughing. “If I was just going to be an engineer and take the love away for a moment, the blinkers don’t work. There’s a fun side to that: I’ve got to stick my arm out and give the left turn right turn signal with my hand. It’s a cold, wet environment out here in the Northwest, it’s funny because I sort of enjoy doing it, but it’s very inconvenient.”

The Defender, which has a rough ride, also has a manual transmission. “I’ve gotten used to automatics, so I’m back to using the stick shift, which I really love,” Nelson says. “It’s a torque monster, this thing has power, it’s crazy torque, so going uphill you can feel the power in your foot.”

Nelson, who says he isn’t looking forward to the older Defender potentially breaking  down, calls himself an aesthete. “I love my pretty things and the color is this beautiful forest green, it’s one of my favorite colors,” he says. “There’s a black rag top and the roll bars are all black and the tires aren’t so overly large, so it seems like an understated but beautiful little workhorse.”

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Rating: 8.5

Before the Defender, Nelson drove a 2007 Toyota FJ he still has; he says the SUV reminds him of a toad.

“I really love that car. As far as towing, I have a little tear drop trailer that I drag behind and it’s a little much for that FJ, but that’s one of the reasons I’m excited about the Defender 90—is the towing capacity.”

A 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser is shown here

As someone who is into aesthetics, Nelson has always admired Toyota FJ Cruisers. “They just have such a different look to them and …  I always love the idea of being able to go deep into the woods and do some four-wheel off road driving. I say that but it’s a lot like my fishing, I talk about fishing a lot but I rarely fish. I rarely go off road, but just knowing that it would be a possibility is comforting to me,” he says, with a laugh.

“Just in my own driving around the Northwest here,” he says, “you get to this point where it’s ‘Oh my gosh, am I going to roll this thing?’ and you don’t and [you] feel greatly relieved. But this is a car that can be brought to those extreme angles.”

In today’s technologically reliant automotive world, Nelson doesn’t feel like he’s missing out by driving older cars. In fact he relishes it.

“I’m kind of old school. I still buy CDs. I’m the last human being who seems to buy compact discs and I love it. I bring them with me on the road and I have to go into the rental place, Enterprise, and say, ‘Is there a CD player?’ and I have to reject cars based on whether or not they have CD [players] anymore,” he says, laughing. “I have thousands of CDs and I’ve got quite a vinyl collection too. But when I see the screen pops up, as long as I’ve got my CD player in the car and my phone with Google Maps, because that works so well these days, I don’t need anything else.”

Car he learned to drive in

Nelson learned to drive around the streets of northern New Jersey in his mom’s 1971 Volvo wagon that they called Admiral Nelson.

“Admiral was so admiral, it was a workhorse. It was manual, so I learned how to drive on that stick shift and it was bumpy beginnings. I remember running over a squirrel the first real run with my dad in that wonderful Volvo station wagon. The squirrel dashed across the road, it was so devastating, the poor little squirrel, just ran it over right there in my first driving lesson with my dad,” he says. “We were both feeling terrible about it, but clearly it was over. It didn’t suffer.”

His dad was his driving instructor. “I remember it like it was yesterday, driving on those backroads in Bergen County. My dad actually drove a separate car. My dad had a 1972 BMW 2002, that little sports car that he loved and so did I. They’re kind of funny looking cars, but they’re zippy,” he says.

Photo courtesy Discovery Communications

As a kid in New Jersey, reaching the age of getting one’s driver’s permit, no matter which family car he got to drive, was a major milestone he looked forward to.

“When you’re 15 years old and growing up, at least in New Jersey, you feel like you’re already an adult, you’ve seen a lot it seems. Knowing what I know now, I didn’t see anything. But you still feel like you’re an adult and you’re just dying to get out of the nest, and the car represents that final leap of independence. I was so excited, I could not wait, I would count down the days before I could get my permit at age 15.”

First car bought

The first car Nelson bought was a 1973 Ford F-Series pickup truck he negotiated from $850 down to $825 when he was 17. The pickup came at a pivotal point in his young life.

“I was hoping to be a carpenter, I knew that was something that I would do at least during the summers. I had a great education, so I was going to school and I don’t think my parents imagined that I would be a carpenter,” he says. “My dad is the last thing from a carpenter, but it was something that I had an aptitude toward.”

Nelson kept the pickup truck for quite a few years. “Nobody was lending me any money to buy it, I bought it with my hard-earned money and I’m very proud of it,” he says.

Photo courtesy Discovery Communications

During his junior year of high school, he made money by working with a carpenter to learn the basics of building things such as decks. “I needed a pickup truck so I could go to the lumberyard and look like a real carpenter, so I was very proud of that car. It went through a lot of oil, oh my god, I kept a case of oil in the back because there were some engine issues,” he says, laughing.

The next summer, Nelson started a company called Cheapo Deck Company. “My dad was like, ‘You don’t want to call it Cheapo Deck Company.’ I said, ‘They are, they’re cheap.’ I would build them for $500 with wood that was untreated, so they would only lasted about two years because New Jersey has some rough winters, but you get what you pay for. I was also unaware that using that cheap wood would cause the lifespan of your deck to be quite limited,” he says, with a laugh.

Nelson had the Ford pickup truck when he went to college as well, driving it back and forth from New Jersey to Colorado, until he had to finally let it go during his sophomore year at college.

“Finally it threw a rod. I was coming from my grandparent’s house in Long Island, it was on the George Washington Bridge and I limped off the bridge and pulled it over to the side of Route 4 and I convinced my buddy to come with his dad’s Riviera and drag this pickup back to my house,” he says, adding his dad then gave it away.

Favorite road trip

Nelson’s favorite road trip was the one he took in his old Ford pickup with a high school buddy who went to the same college as Nelson in Colorado Springs.

“We struck off from New Jersey and drove through Kansas where we were apprehended for fireworks,” he says.

They were 18 and bored, he says, and decided to buy roman candles and bottle rockets in Indiana or Illinois.

“It was mid-August, so rolling across Kansas we decided we would fire these bottle rockets at all these cows that were lining the highway. It wasn’t long before the cops pulled up behind us and said, ‘OK, out of the truck.’ We were fully handcuffed and everything on the back of this pickup truck,” he recalls.

Photo courtesy Discovery Communications

The cop was initially told someone was firing guns out into the field. “Then they found our bottle rockets and after a while he just let us be on our way. So it was a little bit of a scare, but we didn’t end up serving time,” Nelson says, with a laugh.

Nelson’s friend didn’t know how to operate the manual transmission, but that didn’t stop the two from splitting the task of driving on this long trip.

“I’d never forget, I would put it into third gear and then he would climb on top or next to me and I would slide out so that we could just be going along at 50 mph and he could just take over and drive. We never missed a beat,” he says, laughing. “He never had to learn how to drive a stick shift, he just slid in while I had it in third gear and took over. That was our drive to freshman year at Colorado College.”

Another incident Nelson remembers from that trip involves the truck’s tires, which were bald because he couldn’t afford new ones. “We hit one of those Kansas rain storms and all of a sudden we were hydroplaning … and we just spun around like a wing nut on the elevated highway and came to a stop on the divider. We didn’t damage anything. Somehow we survived and off we went and we were like, ‘Wow.’”

Animal Planet’s “Treehouse Masters”

Although his Defender is the most recent childhood dream fulfilled, Nelson’s life in itself has been living out a dream. He realized early on that working with wood, building things, and being a carpenter was his raison d’etre.

“I would get very excited and passionate about building a little boat model, or even a deck on the back of the house in the suburbs of New Jersey,” Nelson recalls. “I was always in love with that idea of creating things like that, but then I was going to school and this was the ‘80s and all of a sudden it was about, ‘You’ve got to make a living. How do you make a living in the real world?’”

He thought specializing would be the way to go. “I had this crazy idea when I was 25 after graduating with my economics degree, ‘OK, if you have to specialize and I love carpentry, what if I became a treehouse builder?’ I was always headed toward the idea of being a house builder. I loved building single family houses, I loved design.”

Photo courtesy Discovery Communications

But since everyone builds houses, he thought treehouses would be his path. “Once again, my father was like, ‘Are you crazy? That’s absurd.’ And it was for many, many years. But I always found a way to build a treehouse here and there while I was doing my regular home building,” he says.

In 1994, Nelson created a coffee table book that showed grown up treehouses that he wanted to build for people. He’s since written six similar coffee table books and Animal Planet approached him in 2011 to do a show.

“I kicked it around for a while and finally was convinced they would be nice to us and represent us in a way that was real, and we don’t fight because were building tree forts.”

The show is now airing in its 10th season and they include visiting treehouses by other designers as well. “We’re having such a blast going around the country and even around the world like Norway, Japan, Brazil, and Germany.”

Nelson doesn’t think viewers tune in just to see the treehouses, though. “I’m biased, I always love to think that it’s the treehouse, but it’s not. It’s the story of the people who have called me,” he says.

He says his clients are all very compelling. “They have this treehouse dream, but they don’t know the first thing about putting wood together and creating something like this, so they call me and we fulfill a childhood fantasy.”

Photo courtesy Discovery Communications

This season, Nelson travels from Paris to the south of France to visit a fellow treehouse builder Alain Laurens and see his work. “We’re in castles that have extraordinary treehouses in the backyard of the castle that looks better than any castle at Disneyland,” he says.

Although Nelson feels fortunate to be able to live his passion, he’s also worked hard at this treehouse dream.

“The fact is that I’ve had a very clear vision of what I want to do with my life and where I want to be … I can’t change the world, but I can do small things with all my heart … and I’m really grateful. We’re living a little dream right here and I know it.”

This season of “Treehouse Masters” airs on Animal Planet Fridays at 9 p.m. until March 2.


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Segro has delivered sharp increases in net asset value, profits and dividends for the year to 31 December 2017, benefitting from a supply shortage of logistical space.
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This 2019 Ram 1500 Sport is for Canada Only

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Earlier this week, Texas once again got its own special version of the Ram pickup in the form of the 2019 Ram 1500 Lone Star edition. But us yanks can’t hog all the unique region-specific trims. At the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, our neighbors to the North debuted a 2019 Ram 1500 Sport, which will be exclusive to the Canadian market.

The Ram 1500 Sport gets unique styling that includes a monochromatic exterior treatment available in nine colors, black billet bar grille with big matte black Ram lettering, standard bi-LED headlights with black inner housings, black window trim, and blacked out badges. The Sport trim rides on standard black 20-inch alloy wheels, but Canadian customers can also choose 22-inch “Black Noise” wheels. Around back, the pickup has dual exhaust tips tucked under the bumper.

A 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 making 395 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque comes standard mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Sport is available in rear- or four-wheel drive and can be had in either Quad or Crew Cab configurations. The Sport also gets a unique interior that includes an all-black cabin with satin black chrome accents and a black headliner. The center stack gets a diamond plate look with real metal trim borrowed from the Ram 1500 Rebel, and the gauge cluster hood receives Diesel gray French accent stitching.

FCA says the exclusive pickup was designed for Canadian truck buyers, who helped make the last Sport trim the most popular light-duty Ram model in Canada. Pricing and fuel economy will be revealed at a later date, but if you live in the U.S., it doesn’t really matter anyway as you’ll have to lust after this truck from afar.

Source: FCA


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Schroder Real Estate Investment Management and Palmer Capital have acquired two redevelopment opportunities for their Residential Land Partnership (RLP) joint venture.
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Porsche Really Doesn’t Want to Turbocharge the 911 GT3

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Despite Porsche’s decision to turbocharge the 911 lineup, our first drive convinced us the 911 is “a better sports car today than it has ever been.” Certain dedicated Porsche fans won’t believe us, but we stand by our conclusion that turbocharging didn’t ruin the 911. That said, if you refuse to buy a turbocharged 911, you can always spring for the GT3 or GT3 RS. They’re the only naturally aspirated cars in the 911 lineup, and from the sound of it, that won’t change anytime soon.

Speaking to Australia’s Drive, Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser, Porsche’s head of GT road cars, said he fully intends to keep the 911 GT3 and GT3 RS naturally aspirated as long as possible. “I would like to continue with it. It makes the car unique—it’s still a light engine,” said Walliser. “A normally aspirated engine still fits a sports car. You cannot achieve the same with a turbocharged engine.”


So why turbocharge the rest of the 911 lineup? Walliser said that decision was “mainly driven by emissions regulations.” Eventually, those same regulations may bring an end to naturally aspirated GT3s, too, but according to Walliser, “The uniqueness comes from the normally aspirated engine. As long as we can do it, we will do it.”

Interestingly, he also told Drive that Porsche’s decision to bring back the manual option is already paying off. About a quarter of all GT3s are ordered with manual transmissions, and in the U.S., it’s close to half.

As for rumors that the next 911 will be mid-engined, don’t believe them. Walliser promised the engine is “in the right place… it’s in the back.”

Source: Drive

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2018 Tesla Model X

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The 2018 Tesla Model X is the sole all-electric utility vehicle sold in the U.S. this year. Available in five- or seven-seat versions with all-wheel drive standard, its rated ranges of 238 to 295 miles should deliver at least 200 miles in most circumstances even at highway speeds. Tesla doesn’t offer traditional trim levels, but the Model X...
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2019 Subaru Ascent Starts at $32,970

Motortrend News Feed - Thu, 02/15/2018 - 20:30

The 2019 Subaru Ascent will arrive in dealerships this summer with a starting price of $32,970, the automaker announced today. At that price, the Subaru is more expensive than the base 2018 Volkswagen Atlas ($31,675), Honda Pilot ($31,875), and Hyundai Santa Fe ($31,830).

Standard features on the Ascent include a 6.5-inch multimedia screen, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, three-zone auto climate control, and four USB ports. The Ascent also comes standard with EyeSight technologies, including automatic pre-collision braking, lane departure and sway warning, and adaptive cruise control.

The next trim up costs $35,170. Upgrading to the Premium trim level brings a power driver seat, spill-resistant cloth upholstery, leather-wrapped steering wheel, rear seat climate controls, heated front seats, and an upgraded 8.0-inch infotainment system. It also receives a towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds, the maximum for the Ascent lineup. In terms of safety, Premium adds blind-spot detection with lane change assist and rear cross-traffic alert over the base model.

Next up is the Limited trim, priced from $39,970. These models add leather-trimmed upholstery as well as LED steering responsive headlights, power rear liftgate with height memory, six USB ports, keyless access with push-button start, and more.

At the top of the lineup sits the Touring. This model, which goes for $45,670, boasts Java Brown leather seats and an upgraded leather heated steering wheel with a woodgrain-pattern finish. Also look for eight USB ports, navigation, a surround sound system with 14 speakers, panoramic power moonroof, and three-mode ventilated front seats.

All Ascents come with a CVT and a 2.4-liter turbo flat-four with 260 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque. Both seven- and eight-passenger versions are available in the lineup. The base model is only available in the eight-seat configuration, and the top Touring trim can only be had with seven seats.

Source: Subaru

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Leaked! This Might be the New Toyota Supra

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The Toyota Supra is coming back. We’ve known this since BMW confirmed plans to jointly develop a sports car with Toyota. But despite seeing plenty of camouflaged prototypes since then, Toyota did an impressive job of stopping information leaks. Until now.

Over on SupraMKV, the appropriately named Mark V Supra fan forum, user Supra93 obtained what appears to be an advance copy of Best Car Magazine with  what appear to be official images and a full feature on the new Supra. Our Japanese is extremely limited, so we can’t confirm any translations of the text, but assuming these photos are authentic, we now have a good idea exactly what the new Supra will look like.


Other than the generally legitimate look of the magazine, this (admittedly poor) image shows a race-prepped version of the Supra. If you compare it with the official teaser shown below that Toyota released a few days ago, the rounded rear fenders, double-bubble roof, and massive wing all match up. This is also the version we’re most confident will be at the Geneva Motor Show next month, but hopefully, Toyota reveals the road car, as well.

Without its GT racing-style livery and bodywork, we see a lot of the 2014 Toyota FT-1 concept in the new Supra. The styling has been toned down a little, but overall, it’s a fairly handsome sports car.  We especially like the look of the long hood, even if the car itself is little smaller than we’d expected. Whether or not it’s a worthy successor to the fourth-generation Supra still remains to be seen, but at least it doesn’t look completely watered down.

For more photos from the magazine, be sure to head over to the SupraMKV forum where they were originally posted.

Source: SupraMKV

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CapCo shares jump on Empress State sale news

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Shares in Capital & Counties (CapCo) leapt by more than 3% on Thursday after Property Week revealed the group was in talks sell the Empress State Building, which sits at the heart of its controversial Earls Court scheme, to the mayor of London’s office for around £240m.
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Turn Your 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T Into a Civic Type R-Beater for $695

Motortrend News Feed - Thu, 02/15/2018 - 18:15

The redesigned 2018 Honda Accord is quick, hitting 60 mph in a Motor Trend-tested 5.7 seconds with Honda’s new 10-speed automatic and a 2.0-liter turbo-four, a detuned version of the engine found in the new Civic Type R, that makes 252 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to the Honda tuners at Hondata, more horsepower and torque can be extracted from the turbocharged engine in different stages.

Using Hondata’s FlashPro device, the company claims gains of between 10-40 hp and has posted a dyno sheet of the Stage 1 tune that shows increases of about 10 hp and roughly 40 lb-ft. When Hondata put a factory Accord 2.0T on a dyno (see the video below), they recorded a baseline of 266 hp and 292 lb-ft to the wheels, well above Honda’s advertised power ratings. The estimated gains are based on those dyno numbers, so that puts the Stage 1 reflashed Accord at 276 hp and a healthy 332 lb-ft to the wheels using California’s 91 octane gas. That’s already more torque than the Civic Type R makes (306-hp and 295 lb-ft).

If Hondata was able to get 10 hp and 40 lb-ft from this tune, imagine the torque increase from the tune that gets you 40 hp. Well, we don’t have to imagine as Hondata posted a video of the dyno run with the Stage 2 tune showing peak torque of 375.8 lb-ft–a gain of about 80 lb-ft over Hondata’s baseline figure. Additionally, the Stage 2 reflash adds 50-55 hp in the middle of the power band, which is said to dramatically affect the driving experience.

The FlashPro only works on model-year 2018 or newer Accords with the turbo 2.0-liter engine and connects to the OBDII port without any ECU modification, but you will need a computer with a USB 2.0 connection. The FlashPro device retails for $695, and appears to enable both Stage 1 and Stage 2 tunes. However, it’s unclear if any additional aftermarket parts are required for either reflash.

Honda is slowly phasing out its naturally aspirated engines in favor of turbocharged engines. While Honda purists may cry foul over this, many enthusiasts are taking advantage of the impressive power gains that come from tuning a turbocharged engine. Check out the numbers Hondata got from the Accord’s 2.0-liter turbo-four in the video below, and also check out their baseline run to see how much power the new engine really makes.

Source: Hondata

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2019 Subaru Ascent undercuts competition with $32,970 base price

The Car Connection News Feed - Thu, 02/15/2018 - 18:00
The 2019 Subaru Ascent will be priced under $33,000 when it goes on sale this summer, the automaker said Thursday. At $32,970, the 2019 Ascent's base price will be significantly lower than most of its chief rivals—factoring in the standard all-wheel drive on the Subaru. That price compares favorably to the least expensive all-wheel-drive...
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2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Priced at $81,590

Motortrend News Feed - Thu, 02/15/2018 - 17:15

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio isn’t cheap. But considering it may be the quickest production SUV around, perhaps it’s worth the $81,590 price tag.

The midsize SUV goes on sale early this year. It packs a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine making 505 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque, enough to launch it to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, according to Alfa Romeo. Standard Stelvios, which arrived in the U.S. last year, come with a 2.0-liter turbo-four making 280 hp and 306 lb-ft. We were able to hit 60 mph in 5.4 seconds in a regular Stelvio, matching Alfa’s estimate.

While the Quadrifoglio is expensive, the base Stelvio starts at a reasonable $42,990. Standard features on this model include leather seats, rear parking sensors, remote start with passive entry, a power liftgate, and 18-inch aluminum wheels.

When you upgrade to the Quadrifoglio, you receive the upgraded engine as well as unique exterior styling including a roof-mounted rear spoiler and side sill insert. You also get Alcantara leather seats, 20-inch wheels, large six-piston Brembo front brakes, and DNA Pro drive mode selector with Race mode and adjustable adaptive damping performance suspension. Options include lightweight carbon-fiber shell Sparco racing seats and Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes.

Last year, Alfa Romeo announced the Stelvio Quadrifoglio set a new record for production SUVs on the Nürburgring. It posted a time of 7:51.7 seconds, making it more than 8 seconds quicker than the previous record holder, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Alfa says.

Source: FCA

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St Joseph has been given the green light from Birmingham City Council to develop a luxury waterside apartment complex in the city’s historic Gun Quarter.
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Ford, Mazda issue do-not-drive order for 35,000 compact pickups Drivers of more than 35,000 200 model year Ford Ranger and Mazda B-Series compact pickup trucks should park their vehicles until their faulty Takata airbags can be replaced, officials said Monday. 2018 Honda CR-V vs. 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan: Compare Cars They 2018 Honda CR-V and 2018...
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Capco sells Empress State Building to mayor of London's office

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Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime to buy £240m Empress State Building in Earl’s Court from Capco.
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Ford, Mazda issue do-not-drive order for 35,000 compact pickups

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Drivers of more than 35,000 200 model year Ford Ranger and Mazda B-Series compact pickup trucks should park their vehicles until their faulty Takata airbags can be replaced, officials said Monday. Owners of nearly 33,500 2006 Ford Ranger pickups and about 2,000 2006 Mazda B-Series small pickup trucks will be contacted by the two automakers after...
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LaSalle & Quantum put £300m Savile Row office on the market

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Plaza Global Real Estate Partners, the joint venture between LaSalle IM and Quantum Global Real Estate, have put 23 Savile Row up for sale for a price believed to be in the region of £300m.
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