There's a Lavender-filled Village in Turkey, and It's Just as Magical as You're Imagining

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<p>As <a href="" target="_blank">cherry blossom season</a> fades from memory and the bloom-inspired fervor dies down, a new floral phenomenon is coming to the fore: <a href="" target="_blank">a village stuffed to the brim with lavender</a>.</p><p>Though photos of the lavender fields look like a postcard from <a href="" target="_blank">Provence</a>, the fragrant village is actually located in <a href="" target="_blank">Turkey’s</a> Isparta Province. This hamlet is called Kuyucak, and it’s a hidden gem tucked away in the Turkish Lakes Region.</p><img alt="Turkey Lavender Village "src=""><p>While throngs of tourists continue to flock to <a href="" target="_blank">Cappadocia</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Istanbul</a>, Kuyucak has slowly begun attracting more visitors. The lush purple fields are a postcard-perfect backdrop, making it an ideal stop for Instagrammers. But the village still remains well off the beaten path for many first-time Turkey travelers, so you’ll be able to steer clear of the crowds.</p><img alt="Turkey Lavender Village "src=""><p>Kuyucak’s rolling hills of lavender are somewhat of a happy accident, according to <a href="" target="_blank">T+L A-List advisor</a> <a href="" target="_blank">Engin Kadaster</a>.</p><p>“The interesting thing about this village is that whole area is the center of our rose production,” Kadaster said. “One of the rose farmers brought some lavender stalks from France, like 20 of them. They started with very little. And then the villagers started to plant it... This is an extension of rose growth to lavender growth.”</p><p>“They produce [approximately] 90% of the lavender for Turkey, some of which is exported as lavender oil,” Kadaster added.</p><p>If you’re hoping to catch the plants in peak bloom, <a href="" target="_blank">summer vacation may be your best bet</a>.</p><img alt="Turkey Lavender Village "src=""><p>“[The plants] start to bloom sometime in the end of May or the beginning of June, and the whole area smells of lavender in July,” Kadaster said.</p><p>Kuyucak is conveniently located in Turkey’s lake region, which is home to historic cities and breathtaking natural beauty. The village is just two hours drive from Lake Salda, which some describe as Turkey’s Maldives. It’s also two hours from Termessos, one of the best-preserved ancient cities in Turkey.</p><p>“This place is full of amazing natural wonders and historic wonders,” Kadaster said. “As well as all this beauty that comes with the production of this lavender and these roses. It's mind-boggling.”</p><p>Turkey’s Turquoise Coast landed on our list of the <a href="" target="_blank">50 best places to travel in 2019</a>. Why not tack on a day trip to this lavender paradise? Take a look at these photos of Kuyucak — we have a feeling they’ll help convince you.</p>
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This Pass Lets You Ski at More Than 1,000 Resorts in Europe for an Amazing Price

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 05/18/2019 - 11:16
<p>Skiing is an expensive hobby. But, with a bit of planning (and perhaps an impulsive purchase), it could become more affordable to jet off and hit the Alps on a European skiing jaunt.</p><p>More than 100 smaller ski resorts around the continent have banded together to launch <a href="" target="_blank">Snowpass</a>, the largest ski pass in the world. <a href="" target="_blank">Snowpass holders will be able to enter resorts</a> in nine countries, including Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Spain, Slovenia and Portugal. An introductory offer sets the annual price of the pass at about $440 (€395).</p><p>This is the pass for skiers who hate battling crowds. The resorts that make up the list are under-the-radar locations that you won’t find on any “top 10” Google searches. There are resorts in <a href="" target="_blank">the Dolomites</a>, the Sierra Nevada and, of course, <a href="" target="_blank">the Alps</a>.</p><p>With the pass, skiers will be able to hit the slopes for 10 days per season, at each location they visit. There is no limit on the number of consecutive dates and no blackout dates.</p><p>By the start of the 2019/20 season, the company hopes to have 150 different resorts included in the pass, <a href="" target="_blank">CEO Pedro Neiva told <em>The Telegraph</em></a>.</p><p>Snowpass holders will be able to use their passes for the upcoming ski season, from Nov. 1, 2019 through April 25, 2020.</p><p>After Snowpass finishes its launch period on May 16, annual ski passes will cost about $1,000 (€895), so snap up your passes quickly.</p>
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Dollywood Just Opened a Massive New Expansion Inspired by Dolly Parton’s Childhood

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 05/18/2019 - 10:35
<p>Dollywood might just be one of the greatest gifts Dolly Parton has given us — and it's getting bigger and better.</p><p>According to <a href="" target="_blank">Fox News</a>, the <a href="" target="_blank">Pigeon Forge, Tennessee</a> theme park dedicated to country singer Dolly Parton opened a $37 million, 6-acre expansion on May 10, increasing the already-impressive park size by 20 percent.</p><p>The highly-anticipated expansion, <a href="" target="_blank">Wildwood Grove</a>, has 11 new family-friendly experiences, including six rides, and a magical-looking Wildwood tree covered in brightly colored butterflies in the middle of the new park section.</p><img alt="Dollywood Expansion - Wildwood Grove "src=""><p>Some of the new rides include The Mad Mocking Bird (a flying ride that rotates around a giant tree), the Sycamore Swing (a swinging ride with seats that look like leaves wafting in the breeze), and The Dragon Flier (a family-friendly, 40 mph roller coaster). It also includes a water park section called Wildwood Creek, costumed characters, and plenty of places to eat a delicious meal.</p><img alt="Dollywood Expansion - Wildwood Grove "src=""><p>According to Fox News, the new expansion is inspired by Parton’s childhood memories of growing up in the <a href="" target="_blank">Smoky Mountains</a>.</p><p>“All us kids would splash and play in the creeks and ponds around home and have these daydreams about the world around us, and that’s what’s so special about Wildwood Grove,” Parton told <em><a href="" target="_blank">Southern Living</a></em>. “We’ve been able to create a new area to allow families to experience some of those exact dreams we all had when we were little.”</p><img alt="Dollywood Expansion - Wildwood Grove "src=""><p>Not only will families have a bigger and better place to take their children for a fun summer vacation, it’s also an amazing place for people of all ages to enjoy the magic of the Smoky Mountains.</p><img alt="Dollywood Expansion - Wildwood Grove "src=""><p>The key feature of the new park section, the giant Wildwood tree, is also a bit of a light show once the sun goes down. According to Fox News, the 650 butterflies and 9,000 colored leaves will be lit up every night starting on June 15.</p><p>One-day tickets range from $61 to $74, but there are also multi-day tickets available. Season passes range from $129 to $204.</p><p>More information on getting to Dollywood and seeing the new Wildwood Grove can be found on the <a href="" target="_blank">Dollywood website</a>.</p>
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14 Pairs of Flats That Are Just as Comfortable as Sneakers, According to Thousands of Customer Reviews

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<p>Let’s face it, <a href="" target="_blank">uncomfortable shoes are just not worth packing</a>. While your heels and wedges may look cute, the blisters and foot pain that comes along with them do not make them worth it. Thankfully, bringing a great pair of flats is the easiest way to give your feet a break and still look stylish and cute while traveling. Plus, their compact size will save more room in your suitcase than most other shoe silhouettes.</p><p>While flats definitely look more polished than sneakers and are easier to walk in than heels, some pairs still don’t offer the support or <a href="" target="_blank">comfort that’s needed to tackle an entire day of sightseeing</a>. To help you avoid spending money on options that will give you blisters or leave your feet aching in pain, we turned to real reviews from customers to see which flats are as <a href="" target="_blank">comfortable as they are cute</a>.</p><p><strong>Related:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">These Heels Are the Most Comfortable to Walk in, According to Thousands of Reviewers</a></p><p>These top-rated flats not only have near-perfect ratings, but they also have an overwhelming number of glowing five-star reviews between them. Some of these comfy shoes feature padded insoles for extra cushioning, while others offer ample ankle support and excellent traction. Besides providing all-day support, these <a href="" target="_blank">beloved flats are also incredibly stylish</a> and will look great in all your travel Instagram photos.</p><p>From classic ballet flats to sleek loafers and chic pointed flats, keep reading to see the 14 pairs of flats customers love the most.</p><p>These are the most comfortable flats to walk in:</p>Most Comfortable Ballet Flat: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Margaux The Demi</a>Most Comfortable Option with Traction: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet Flat</a>Most Comfortable Canvas Option: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Toms Olivia Flat</a>Most Comfortable Loafers: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Naturalizer Emiline Flat Loafer</a>Most Comfortable Slingback: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Everlane The Editor Slingback</a>Most Comfortable Padded Option: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Cole Haan Tali Bow Ballet Flat</a>Most Comfortable Espadrille: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlcomfyflatsrcarhart0519-20&amp;linkId=06a58e8dc38ceb5a6c71f8e789795f3c" target="_blank">Clarks Danelly Adira Ballet Flat</a>Most Comfortable Option That Folds Up: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Lucky Brand Emmie Flat</a>Most Comfortable Pointed Option: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Dr. Scholl's Kimber Flat</a>Most Comfortable Eco-friendly Option: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Rothy’s The Flat</a>Most Comfortable Lightweight Option: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlcomfyflatsrcarhart0519-20&amp;linkId=d31fc36c55d9e69b5d1103e63cc2bf50" target="_blank">Crocs Lina Ballet Flat</a>Most Comfortable Option With Ankle Support: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole Bay Unique Flat</a>Most Comfortable Driving Shoe: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlcomfyflatsrcarhart0519-20&amp;linkId=2955b8d026a62fcec011c508dfcb0c3b" target="_blank">VenusCelia Natural Comfort Walking Flat</a>Most Comfortable Cozy Option: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Ugg Lena Flat</a><h2> </h2><h2>Most Comfortable Ballet Flat: Margaux The Demi </h2><img alt="Margaux The Demi "src=""><p>With 5 millimeters of foam padding and a supportive insole, it’s easy to see why customers have given these Margaux ballet flats an impressive 4.8-star rating. The sleek Italian leather flats also feature an adjustable cord bow that allows you to make the shoes tighter or looser on your feet. One customer raved, “Hands down, the best flat in the marketplace. This is your mother’s ballet flat but improved with a nice cushion, tiny heel, and perfectly tied bow. Comfort and classy all in one. I want a pair in every color.”</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $145</p><h2>Most Comfortable Option with Traction: Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet Flat </h2><img alt="Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet Flat "src=""><p>These flats by Hush Puppies are not only super sleek and polished, but they are incredibly comfortable too. The rubber sole offers excellent grip and traction, while the cushioned footbed adds extra comfort. Customers also love that the cute shoes come in wide sizes as well. “I love these ballet flats! I wore them on vacation in Florida recently, I have to say they are extremely comfortable, they are flattering on my large feet, and I’m planning on buying more of these! They are extremely flexible and soft. Feel like I’m walking on clouds but the great thing is they hold their shape! Highly recommended,” said one reviewer.</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $80</p><h2>Most Comfortable Canvas Option: Toms Olivia Flat</h2><img alt="Toms Olivia Flat "src=""><p>If you are looking for a lightweight breathable shoe, opt for a cute flat made from canvas, like this option by Toms. Besides boasting a padded footbed and rubber sole, the cute slip-on shoes only weigh five ounces — so they’ll barely add any weight to your suitcase. What’s more, every time a pair of these cute flats are sold, a pair of shoes from the brand will be donated to a child in need. “Super cute and lots of cushioning,” said one customer. “Definitely get comments on this shoe! Great for work or play.”</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $65 (originally $80)</p><h2>Most Comfortable Loafers: Naturalizer Emiline Flat Loafer</h2><img alt="Naturalizer Emiline Flat Loafer "src=""><p>These fashion-forward loafers from Naturalizer boast the brand’s signature N5Contour technology that helps the shoe mold to your foot, offering you all-day support and comfort. Along with dual-density cushioning and extra padding at pressure points, the cute flats also feature a slip-resistant sole. Over 190 Nordstrom customers love the shoes so much they’ve given them a 4.2-star rating.</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, from $80</p><h2>Most Comfortable Slingback: Everlane The Editor Slingback </h2><img alt="Everlane The Editor Slingback "src=""><p>Looking to add some polish to your travel looks? Consider adding this stylish pair of flat slingbacks from Everlane to your wardrobe. The pointed flats are made from a soft and supple Italian suede and feature a pointed toe and low vamp that will pair perfectly with everything from casual jeans to LBDs. They have an impressive 4.52-star rating with one customer raving, “ready to wear and super comfortable from first try-on and a full day on feet. High recommend, I now want every color as they are the perfect shoe with both style and comfort!”</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $155</p><h2>Most Comfortable Padded Option: Cole Haan Tali Bow Ballet Flat </h2><img alt="Cole Haan Tali Bow Ballet Flat "src=""><p>Cole Haan has been a go-to source for stylish and comfortable shoes for years, and these ballet flats are no different. The cute leather kicks feature a micro-wedge, padded footbed, and a rubber sole that work together to supply the support and comfort needed to be on your feet all day. Two hundred Nordstrom customers have given the flats their seal of approval, with one writing, “These shoes are really comfortable, cute, and the perfect neutral to go with any outfit.”</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $120 (originally $170)</p><h2>Most Comfortable Espadrille: Clarks Danelly Adira Ballet Flat</h2><img alt="Clarks Danelly Adira Ballet Flat "src=""><p>These adorable Clarks flats are a must-have for warm-weather travel wardrobes. The perforated leather uppers add breathability, while the espadrille details add a cute summery touch. Along with the thick rubber soles which offer excellent traction, the shoes feature a ultra-comfortable cushioned footbed that has helped these cute kicks rack up over 200 positive reviews on Amazon. “These shoes are so comfortable and very sharp looking. Like walking on air! Plan on buying another pair,” said one customer.</p><p>To buy: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlcomfyflatsrcarhart0519-20&amp;linkId=06a58e8dc38ceb5a6c71f8e789795f3c" target="_blank"></a>, from $61</p><h2>Most Comfortable Option That Folds Up: Lucky Brand Emmie Flat</h2><img alt="Lucky Brand Emmie Flat "src=""><p>More than 1,700 Zappos customers are fans of these stylish flats by Lucky Brand for a reason. Not only do they have a cushioned insole, but they also boast a flexible rubber sole that can fold up making them incredibly easy to pack or throw in your purse. “I love these flats,” raved one reviewer. “They are comfortable and have kept their shape perfectly. I bought these to clod around France and England when I was about 5-6 months pregnant and just wanted something easy and comfortable to wear that would go with practically anything. These fit the bill perfectly. The material is good quality giving the flats some substance yet folded up nicely for easy packing.”</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $46 (originally $59)</p><h2>Most Comfortable Pointed Option: Dr. Scholl’s Kimber Flat</h2><img alt="Dr. Scholl's Kimber Flat "src=""><p>These chic Dr. Scholl’s flats give your feet the support and comfort they need, thanks to the shoe’s patented Memory Fit foam-cushioned insole. The soft leather flats are also available in wide sizes and come in black and navy colorways that look good with everything. “I hardly ever wear flats, but this one is by far the comfiest I've found. The insole is very squishy and supports the front of my foot, unlike any other flat I've tried on the past few months. The design is simple and classic. Can't go wrong with this shoe,” said one customer.</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, from $50</p><h2>Most Comfortable Eco-friendly Option: Rothy’s The Point</h2><img alt="Rothy’s The Flat "src=""><p>These cute Rothy’s flats are <a href="">Meghan Markle’s go-to shoe for a reason</a>. Not only are they incredibly lightweight, but they also feature a flexible rubber sole that offers ample traction. The best part? The eco-friendly kicks are made from recycled water bottles and are machine-washable. Over 500 customers have given the flats a 4.3-star rating on the brand’s website, with one reviewer calling them “perfection.”</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $145</p><h2>Most Comfortable Lightweight Option: Crocs Lina Ballet Flat</h2><img alt="Crocs Lina Ballet Flat "src=""><p>These flats by Crocs are lightweight, flexible, and feature a super soft microfiber footbed. They are also made from the brand’s patented foam Croclite material that offers an incredible amount of support and comfort. More than 600 Amazon customers are fans of the comfy flats. “These crocs totally pass for regular flats, but they are so much more comfortable! I walked about 5 miles in them the first time I wore them and there was no pain or blistering,” said one customer.</p><p>To buy: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlcomfyflatsrcarhart0519-20&amp;linkId=d31fc36c55d9e69b5d1103e63cc2bf50" target="_blank"></a>, from $13</p><h2>Most Comfortable Option With Ankle Support: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole Bay Unique Flat</h2><img alt="Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole Bay Unique Flat "src=""><p>If you love the look of flats but need to wear a shoe that provides ankle support, check out this pair by Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole. The leather flats boast elastic straps around the ankle for extra support and a secure fit. One customer raved, “I live in these shoes! I bought them in black and in gray, and aside from the fact that they are lightweight, roomy, and stay on my feet while I work all day, I get bombarded with compliments because they are adorable. Gentle Souls has become my favorite brand of shoes. Well made, comfortable, and beautiful!”</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $195</p><h2>Most Comfortable Driving Shoe: VenusCelia Natural Comfort Walking Flat</h2><img alt=" "src=""><p>With over 840 reviews and an impressive 4.3-star rating, these driving shoes by VenusCelia are one of the most popular pairs of flats on Amazon. Along with an anti-slip rubber sole that offers ample grip, the cute shoes feature a padded memory foam insole. While these sleek kicks may look super luxe and expensive, they are actually the most affordable option on this list, so you can buy more than one pair at a time. And with 28 stylish colors to choose from, you’re going to want multiple options.</p><p>To buy: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlcomfyflatsrcarhart0519-20&amp;linkId=2955b8d026a62fcec011c508dfcb0c3b" target="_blank"></a>, from $16</p><h2>Most Comfortable Cozy Option: Ugg Lena Flat</h2><img alt="Ugg Lena Flat "src=""><p>If you love the feel of UGG boots and slippers but need a more polished-looking shoe, you’re in luck. This cute option from the beloved shoe brand features its signature sheepskin lining and padded insole in a chic ballet flat silhouette. It has over 300 likes and a four-star rating at Zappos with one customer writing, “Just got these flats and I'm in love with them! So comfortable, perfect fit for my foot. Feel like I could wear them all day with no problems.”</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $100</p>
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Drunk Passenger Breaks Flight Attendant’s Leg After Being Told to Put Out Cigarette

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 05/18/2019 - 08:43
<p>A drunk passenger aboard an Aeroflot flight in Russia broke a flight attendant’s leg and attacked pilots before he was restrained and arrested on Tuesday.</p><p>“An incident took place in board of Aeroflot SU1307 flight from Novosibirsk to <a href="" target="_blank">Moscow</a>, May 14, due to the destructive behavior of one passenger,” the airline said a statement. “Having got on board with signs of alcohol intoxication, the man has violated the rules of behaving on board <a href="" target="_blank">Aeroflot planes</a>.”</p><p>The 36-year-old passenger boarded the 10:30 a.m. flight, clearly intoxicated. He attempted to board the flight while smoking a cigarette. During the boarding process, he attacked a flight attendant who told him to put out his cigarette. The flight attendant was reportedly pushed into the cockpit of the plane, falling and breaking his leg. The passenger then tried to attack the two pilots of the Boeing 737.</p><p>“These three crew members resisted and managed [to] block the hooligan, and to pass him into the hands of police,” <a href="" target="_blank">a police spokesperson told <em>The Mirror</em></a>.</p><p>“It is hard to fly Aeroflot when you are sober,” the man told police after he had been arrested, <a href="" target="_blank">according to <em>The Daily Mail</em></a><em>,</em> referring to <a href="" target="_blank">a fiery emergency landing in March that killed 41 passengers</a>.</p><p>The flight was delayed by 20 minutes due to the incident.</p><p>The man was arrested and charged with “air hooliganism” and violence. He faces up to six years in prison. He has been blacklisted from any future Aeroflot flights.</p>
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Jeff Koons’ ‘Rabbit’ Breaks World Record, Selling for $91 Million

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 05/18/2019 - 08:27
<p>A Jeff Koons sculpture sold for $91.1 million at Christie’s in <a href="" target="_blank">New York</a> on Wednesday, setting the record for most expensive sale of work by a living artist.</p><p>“Rabbit” was bought for $91,075,000 by Robert Mnuchin (father of the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin), <a href="" target="_blank">according to the BBC</a>. It sold for about $20 million more than its estimated price.</p><p><a href=";intObjectID=6205139&amp;lid=1" target="_blank">Koons’ studio created the 41-inch stainless steel piece</a> in 1986. There are three other castings of “Rabbit,” all currently in museum collections, including the <a href="" target="_blank">Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago</a>, The Broad Art Foundation in Los Angeles, and the <a href="" target="_blank">National Museum of Qatar</a>.</p><p>The sale cements Jeff Koons as one of the most expensive artists alive today — although opinion of his work differs. <a href=";PID=en_hp_carousel_1" target="_blank">According to Christie’s</a>, “Rabbit” has been called “cute, sinister, cartoonish, imposing, vacuous, sexy, chilling, dazzling and iconic.”</p><p>It is not the first time that a Koons work has set the record for most expensive piece of art by a living artist. Although the previous record-holder was David Hockney (his “Portrait of an Artist” <a href="" target="_blank">sold for just over $90 million at Christie’s in November</a>), before that, “Balloon Dog (Orange)” held the record for five years, selling for $58 million in 2013.</p><p>Still, Koons has yet to rival the prices that the work of a dead artist can sell for.</p><p>The most expensive art sale ever was in 2017, when “Salvator Mundi” by Leonardo Da Vinci sold for $450.3 million. To this day, art historians still question the authenticity of the piece. It was supposed to be shown at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, but the painting appears to have “disappeared” since its sale, <a href="" target="_blank">according to the <em>New York Times</em></a>.</p>
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The Queen Is Hiring a Social Media Manager

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 05/18/2019 - 08:13
<p>Queen Elizabeth is one busy woman. After all, she is not only the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, but she’s also a great-grandmother to <a href="" target="_blank">seven beautiful great-grandchildren</a>. And all that certainly fills up her time, which is why it’s no surprise she doesn’t have time for menial tasks like <a href="" target="_blank">posting on social media</a>.</p><p>But, her busy schedule could mean opportunity for you.</p><p>The Royal Household listed a new gig this week on its job board: <a href="" target="_blank">Digital Communications Officer for the Queen</a>.</p><p>“The role of Royal Communications is to engage a worldwide audience with the public role and work of The Royal Family,” the job posting reads. “Joining this fast-paced and dynamic team, your challenge will be to manage and oversee the daily news flow on digital and social networking platforms, as well as play a key part in some of the digital projects.”</p><p>According to the listing, the person will work within a small team of digital media specialists. In the role’s day-to-day, the new person will create content for social networks and other digital platforms, including the royal household’s newly launched website, as well as researching and writing feature articles.</p><p>“Whether you're covering a state visit, award ceremony or Royal engagement, you'll make sure our digital channels consistently spark interest and reach a range of audiences,” it added.</p><p>Truly, the role is an important one as the person is also expected to “hone and shape our digital communications through analytics, monitoring and exploring new technologies.”</p><p>Think you’re ready to apply? For the position, the household is looking for someone who has previous experience managing websites and delivering successful digital communications and projects, preferably in a high profile environment. The person must also be confident using social media platforms and content management systems. They must also be innovative and ready to share ideas, as well as have at least basic photography and videography skills.</p><p>If you land the role, the page explained, you can “look forward to a comprehensive benefits package, including a 15 percent employer contribution pension scheme (after 6 months), 33 days annual leave, including bank holidays, free lunch and access to training and development to support your continuous professional development.” And a $38,000 salary, dependant on experience.</p><p>And the biggest perk of all: You’ll get to spend time with the royal family. If you’re ready to <a href="" target="_blank">apply head to their site now</a>.</p>
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A Restaurant in England Accidentally Gave a Customer a $5,800 Bottle of Wine

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 05/18/2019 - 07:46
<p>A fancy bottle of wine goes well with a delicious dinner, but it’s even better when it’s free.</p><p>One customer at <a href="" target="_blank">Hawksmoor</a>, a steakhouse in <a href="" target="_blank">Manchester</a>, England, benefitted from one bartender’s mistake by recieving a £4,500 ($5,800 USD) bottle of wine that they didn’t order, <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Metro</em> reported</a>.</p><p>According to the restaurant’s Twitter account, a customer ordered a much less expensive bottle of wine that had a similar vintage to the pricey 2001 Chateau le Pin Pomerol. Unfortunately (or perhaps very fortunately), the bartender grabbed the expensive bottle and served it to the table.</p><p>In all fairness, the two bottles are fairly similar when you look at their labels, though one is red and one is gold. They also have similar names, Chateau Le Pin and Chateau Pichon Longeville. We totally understand the mistake.</p><p>According to <em>Metro</em>, the Chateau Pinchon Longeville is priced at £260 (about $331 USD). While that is also a pretty expensive bottle of wine, it still doesn’t come close to the Chateau Le Pin.</p><p>It’s unclear whether the expensive wine was comped or was simply sold to the customer for the price of the bottle they actually ordered.</p><p>Either way, the restaurant said to the mystery customer that they hoped they “enjoyed their evening.” And if you are worried about the bartender who accidentally cost the restaurant over $5,000, no need to fear.</p><p>“To the member of staff who accidentally gave it away, chin up! One-off mistakes happen and we love you anyway,” the restaurant said on Twitter.</p><p>According to <a href="" target="_blank">CNN</a>, the Chateau Le Pin is the most expensive bottle in the restaurant and is located in the “rarities” section of the menu. So, basically, one customer got a very obscure, extra special bottle of wine for way less than it was worth.</p><p>Though it’s a little suspicious that the customer didn’t catch the mistake when they saw the bottle themselves, hopefully they still left a big tip.</p>
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American Airlines Passengers Can Now Give up Their Seat, Book a New Flight, and Get Paid for It in the App

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 05/18/2019 - 07:04
<p>For travelers who live for a good deal, there’s nothing better than getting <em>paid</em><i> </i>to give up your seat on an oversold flight — especially when the newly confirmed flight is better and you don’t have to physically go to the airport and check-in before getting bumped. According to a recent passenger report on <em><a href="" target="_blank">The Points Guy</a></em>, the <a href="" target="_blank">American Airlines</a> app now lets passengers volunteer for their flight’s bump list, confirm a new flight, and get compensated for it — all when they go into the app to check-in for their flight.</p><p>The passenger told <em>The Points Guy</em> that when he went to check-in for his international flight on American, he was offered $200 to switch to one of four alternative itineraries. He picked a flight that worked for him and got a $200 electronic voucher “within a minute of being confirmed on the new flight.”</p><p>With this new electronic confirmation process, travelers no longer have to go through the hassle of going to the airport and clearing security only to give up their seat at the gate and confirm a new flight (that may or may not leave the same day). Even though all three major U.S. airlines — <a href="" target="_blank">Delta</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">United</a>, and American — now have an electronic volunteer option built into their online check-in (with American <a href="" target="_blank">debuting theirs</a> on May 3), the actual confirmation, rebooking, and compensation process still often happens at the gate.</p><p>For passengers with travel flexibility this feature cuts out some of the hassle and gives them more time to change their plans, select a new flight, and get compensated for it.</p>
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The U.S. Has Banned All Flights to Venezuela Due to Civil Unrest

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 05/18/2019 - 06:57
<p>The U.S. government has now issued a travel ban to Venezuela due to recent violence and unrest, <a href="" target="_blank">Reuters reported</a>. The U.S. Department of Transportation <a href="" target="_blank">issued an order on Wednesday</a> that all commercial passenger and cargo flights to the South American country have been suspended.</p><p>Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said in a <a href="" target="_blank">DHS statement</a> that “conditions in Venezuela threaten the safety and security of passengers, aircraft, and crew.”</p><p>Many airlines, including American, United, Delta, Air Canada, Luthansa, and AeroMexico had <a href="" target="_blank">halted flights to Venezuela</a> before the ban took effect. While the country has had civil and political unrest for years, the Venezuelan government has been experiencing increasingly dangerous protests, primarily due to issues with food, power, water, and medicine shortages, <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Fox News</em> reported</a>.</p><p>On top of the travel ban, the U.S. government has ordered non-essential U.S. Embassy employees currently in Venezuela to leave the country within 72 hours.</p><p>The new ban, effective immediately, could put more economic pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The Trump administration has already put oil, defense and security sanctions on the country since Maduro was elected in 2018. Only a few airlines, including Laser Airlines and Copa Airlines, still fly between the U.S. and Venezuela via layovers in other countries, <a href="" target="_blank">Reuters reported</a>.</p><p>The ban currently has no end date. The DHS statement said, “If and when the conditions in Venezuela change, and if in the public interest, the Secretaries will revisit this determination. Until then, the flight suspension will remain in effect indefinitely.”</p>
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JetBlue Is Switching From Coke to Pepsi and Everybody’s Going to Have an Opinion

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 05/18/2019 - 06:49
<p>JetBlue is switching from Coca-Cola to Pepsi products onboard flights.</p><p>Beginning June 3, JetBlue passengers will be able to choose from Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Sierra Mist Zero Sugar, Bubbly Lime Sparkling Water, Canada Dry Seltzer, Canada Dry Tonic and Canada Dry Ginger Ale when the drinks cart goes by.</p><p>Passengers are likely to notice. When United switched from Coke to Pepsi products in 2002, “People were really upset,” <a href="" target="_blank">a flight attendant told <em>The Points Guy</em></a>. Everyone knows that Pepsi versus Coke is a rivalry as old as time (<a href="" target="_blank">or at least since the beginning of the 20th century</a>) — and many people have a firm opinion on the matter.</p><p>The change hasn't even gone into effect, and passengers are already complaining — but the airline has not directly addressed #PepsiGate2019.</p><p>“JetBlue is always looking for ways to refresh our onboard experience,” an airline spokesperson said in a statement to <em>Travel + Leisure</em>. “Starting June 3, we will offer a new selection of complimentary beverages on all JetBlue flights. We will share additional details in the coming weeks.”</p><p>Service changes will also include a switch to something more sustainable. Instead of handing out single-use bottles of water to passengers, flight attendants will pour out cups of water from 1.5-liter bottles.</p><p>JetBlue will become one of the few airlines in the world to stock Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola products in June. <a href="" target="_blank">Of the world’s top 50 airlines</a>, less than 10 percent served predominantly Pepsi products.</p>
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This Immersive Art Installation in California’s Wine Country Is Like the Super Bloom on Steroids

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/17/2019 - 16:54
<p>Artist Bruce Munro’s <i>Field of Light </i>installation ranks high on our list of pilgrimage-worthy art escapes. The immersive art piece comprises 50,000 shimmering lights, spread over a vast desert landscape and set against the backdrop of <a href="" target="_blank">Uluru</a>, the most sacred site in the Australian Outback.</p><p>Getting to Uluru isn’t the easiest (or most affordable) journey. Which is why we couldn’t be more excited to learn that, starting today, visitors can experience the artist's singular vision in a much more accessible locale: Paso Robles, California.</p><img alt="Field of Light at Sensorio in Paso Robles, California "src=""><p>The solar-powered installation — Munro’s largest yet — will occupy a 15-acre slice of undulating hillside in the charming wine country town, about 4 hours by car north of <a href="" target="_blank">Los Angeles</a>. Several years in the making, the site-specific installation, titled <em>Field of Light at Sensorio</em>, is meant to complement, never compete or detract from, the beauty of the landscape.</p><img alt="Artist, Bruce Munro "src=""><p>“We want visitors to be completely immersed in the environment, inclusive of the stars above,” Munro said to <i>Travel + Leisure. </i>“Everything we’ve created here at Sensorio dips below an elevation of 830 feet, so visitors will feel like they’re being cradled in the valley.”</p><img alt="Field of Light at Sensorio in Paso Robles, California "src=""><p>The installation's 58,800 stemmed spheres are lit by fiber-optics and LED’s and glow in varying rainbow-colored hues. When illuminated during the day, the effect is uncannily similar to that of the <a href="" target="_blank">super blooms</a> that blanketed regions of California this past spring. But the sight is most awe-inspiring at night, when the ground transforms into a galaxy of stars, mirroring those twinkling overhead.</p><p>“The amount of light emitted is surprisingly minimal — about the same as what a couple of houses would give off if they were spread over a 12-acre valley,” Munro explained, “so there’s a balance between the stars on the ground and those in the sky.”</p><p>Munro hopes that the installation encourages visitors to walk meditatively throughout the valley, pondering the way the lights play off different features of the landscape. But he also hopes the work engenders a sense of perspective and community.</p><p>“I work in light, but it’s not about the light, it’s about emotions,” he said. “I feel that we’re in a moment of history when we have to start questioning our values and getting back to basics. I hope that, in a small way, my installation helps guide you toward the clear sky, literally and otherwise.”</p>
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This Breathtaking New Hike in Yosemite Isn't for the Faint of Heart

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/17/2019 - 16:31
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Yosemite National Park</a> may be nearing 130 years old, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to explore.</p><p>Yosemite became a National Park way back on Oct. 1, 1890. Since then, <a href="" target="_blank">day trippers</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">over-nighters</a>, and extreme backpackers have tried their best to cover every square inch of the park in pursuit of a little peace and quite. But, just this week, a new trail was discovered by professional backpacker Andrew Skurka.</p><p>And sure, this path isn’t for the faint of heart. After all, it is what <a href="" target="_blank"><em>The San Francisco Chronicle</em></a> called a 94-mile “quad buster.” But, it is something new.</p><p>“Its scenery and off-trail travel make for a consistent world-class backpacking experience,” Skurka told <em>The Chronicle</em> about his new hike, which he found after spending nine days in the backcountry. “Its terrain is physically challenging but never contrived or stupidly hard.”</p><p>The new trail, <em>The Chronicle</em> reported, is what is known as a “high route.” That means it’s an off-trail path that typically “contours around deep valleys and climbs over steep passes in high-elevation regions.”</p><p>Though ropes aren’t needed for the new trail it should be noted that there are areas on the hike where there are steep drop-offs that could result in injury.</p><p>To get to the new route hikers can approach from several different well-defined paths. Tuolumne Meadows, along Tioga Road, serves as a central point of access to the route, which also stems both north and south.</p><p>As <em>The Chronicle</em> noted, the route takes hikers off trail through some of the most remote parts of the park and up steep talus passes. Along the way the route stays above forested valleys, providing those brave enough to try it with stunning views. In total, the route covers more than 28,000 vertical feet of elevation gain.</p><p>Still, even with this remarkable new find, Skurka stayed humble about it all. “I’m by no means the first person to have linked things together,” he said. “I guarantee, people who’ve been Yosemite aficionados for 30 years have done large sections of this route.”</p><p>Think you’re brave enough to try Skurka’s find? Check out the route map on <a href="" target="_blank"><em>The Chronicle</em></a> now. </p>
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The Number One Reason Americans Choose to Travel Solo

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/17/2019 - 16:19
<p>If you're considering taking a trip on your own this year, you're not alone. More and more people are planning <a href="" target="_blank">solo travel</a>.</p><p>“Traveling alone can be a unique experience, and it’s something that a majority (66 percent) of Americans either have done or would consider doing,” according to <a href="" target="_blank">YouGov</a>, a market research and data analytics firm that recently surveyed U.S. adults about solo travel.</p><p>According to the survey, 46 percent of respondents said their motivation to travel alone was to have the “freedom to choose their own itinerary without input from others.” The second most popular reason, selected by 37 percent of respondents, was that it’s “easier to relax and unwind when they’re alone.”</p><p>The other reasons people chose solo travel included bolstering their own sense of independence and self-confidence (32 percent), wanting to go to destinations that their family and friends weren't interested in (32 percent), and finding it easier to meet new people alone (17 percent).</p><p>As for where these solo adventurers want to go, 57 percent of responders said they’re interested in taking a trip to another U.S. city alone, 50 percent want to hit the open road for a road trip, 40 percent want to visit a <a href="" target="_blank">foreign country</a>, 37 percent want to take a cruise, 30 percent are feeling a beach vacation, and 25 percent said a solo camping trip is for them.</p>
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Taco Bell Is Opening a Hotel (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/17/2019 - 13:00
<p>Taco Bell is opening a pop-up hotel this summer. Take a moment to let that sink in: a Taco Bell... Hotel.</p><p>Opening for a limited time in <a href="" target="_blank">Palm Springs, California</a>, The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort will be an immersive experience designed to celebrate and pamper the world’s biggest fans of the fast-food chain.</p><p>“We’re already in the hospitality business,” Taco Bell Chief Brand Officer Marisa Thalberg told <em>Travel + Leisure</em>. “This is a more immersive form of hospitality where people can really soak up the experience of the brand in a destination.”</p><p>And from the looks of it, there will plenty to soak up. Though the fine details are still in the works, guests at the hotel can expect the entire hotel to be “infused with a Taco Bell twist,” including poolside cocktails, a gift shop with plenty of swag, and Taco “Bell”hops to carry your luggage to your Taco Bell-inspired room.</p><img alt="Taco Bell Lobby "src=""><p>Like <a href="" target="_blank">any good hotel</a>, The Bell will also feature extra services, like an on-site salon offering Taco Bell nail art, fades, and braid bar. Because who doesn’t want tacos on your nails while eating the taco in your hand?</p><p>“It will be playful, but absolutely one of the most legitimate, fun, cool hotel experiences one can have,” said Thalberg.</p><p>Obviously, there will be food, including the classics we all know and love, plus “new menu surprises only available at the hotel.” And if that’s not enough there will be a daily “happier hour” and saucy snacks to keep guests fueled for the taco madness.</p><img alt="Taco Bell Door Hanger "src=""><p>Reservations for The Bell: Taco Bell Hotel and Resort will open in June, but exact dates are yet to be announced. According to Thalberg, reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis. The hotel is currently scheduled to open Aug. 9, 2019.</p><p>“I hope that the fans that are the lucky ones to grab a reservation will feel like they have long-term bragging rights,” Thalberg said.</p><p>To stay up-to-date and for more information, <a href="" target="_blank">visit the hotel’s website</a>. And for those looking to reserve a spot at this “tacoasis,” may the hot sauce be ever in your favor.</p>
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These Unique Statement Earrings Are the Only Summer Jewelry You’ll Need

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/17/2019 - 10:15
<p>Jewelry is a crucial ingredient to our summer wardrobe. Festive summer baubles are a symbol of celebration– because it’s summer! What’s not to celebrate!? Sure, wearing jewelry to accessorize our <a href="" target="_blank">gauzy kaftans</a> and swimsuits on the beach may not be practical, but like most other fashion trends, we’re going to do it anyway.</p><p>I’m Latin, so wearing statement earrings to the beach (or pretty much anywhere) goes without saying. Although aside from <a href="" target="_blank">seashell jewelry</a> — a trend that has surely inundated your Instagram feeds as it has mine — there are few statement jewelry lines we can wear that won’t completely tarnish or get ruined by sunscreen and salt water. It’s safe to say that I’ve ruined <em>a lot</em> of jewelry by allowing euphoric summer carelessness to get the best of me.</p><p><strong>Related:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">These Wildly Popular Wide-leg Pants Have 5,500 Near-perfect Reviews</a></p><p>Brazilian designer Mariah Rovery launched <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Flex Jewel</a> with this quandary in mind. The name comes from the brand’s ethos; it prides itself quite literally on <em>flexibility</em>. Her interest in creating a line of waterproof jewelry led Rovery to team up with chemists to create an exclusive material. The result is a patented, highly-engineered lightweight resin which is virtually indestructible, as well as 100 percent non-toxic. “I wanted to create something that a woman could wear from the beach to a party without changing,” said Rovery, who uses the energy and colors of <a href="" target="_blank">Brazil’s beaches</a> as her inspiration for the line.</p><p>This inspiration is mirrored almost precisely in her colorful and graphic statement jewels. Flex Jewel is the ultimate feel-good, warm-weather jewelry line whose versatility in both style and function can seamlessly transition you from the beach to a summer wedding. So Rio de Janeiro, we’re ready for you now.</p><p>Below shop our favorite styles (now on sale!) at Bloomingdale’s.</p><h2>Gabada Drop Earrings</h2><img alt="Flew Jewel - Earrings for Summer "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="http://" target="_blank"></a>, $80 (originally $114)</p><h2>Rhombus Black Pine Drop Earrings</h2><img alt="Flew Jewel - Earrings for Summer "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="http://" target="_blank"></a>, $80 (originally $114)</p><h2>Fan Layse Drop Earrings</h2><img alt="Flew Jewel - Earrings for Summer "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $66 (originally $94)</p><h2>Kayan Drop Earrings</h2><img alt="Flew Jewel - Earrings for Summer "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="http://" target="_blank"></a>, $66 (originally $194)</p><h2>Leque Layse Drop Earrings</h2><img alt="Flew Jewel - Earrings for Summer "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $66 (originally $194)</p>
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Snag Two Tickets For the Price of One With Amtrak’s New Summer Sale

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/17/2019 - 09:58
<p>Travelers looking to take a <a href="" target="_blank">scenic train ride</a> through the northeast can now snag two tickets for the price of one with <a href="" target="_blank">Amtrak’s </a>latest promotion.</p><p>Amtrak is hosting a <a href="" target="_blank">Saturday BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) sale</a>, inviting travelers looking to hit U.S. cities along the Northeast Corridor this summer a chance to get one free adult train ticket when purchasing a ticket.</p><p>Travelers can pick from destinations between Washington, D.C. and Boston, with options that include trips between Baltimore and Philadelphia, between New York and Boston, and between New York and Philadelphia.</p><p>The deal allows travelers to book trips with a companion for a fraction of the price for travel anytime between May 18 and Sep. 7, giving riders plenty of time to hit popular U.S. stops throughout the summer.</p><p>What’s even better is blackout dates don’t apply, meaning travelers can take advantage of savings during upcoming long weekends including Memorial Day and Labor Day.</p><p>The promotion, which is available for tickets purchased on either <a href="" target="_blank">Acela Express</a> or the Northeast Regional, applies to coach seats and can only be booked for passengers who will be riding together under the same itinerary.</p><p>Some of the <a href="" target="_blank">top deals</a> for two passengers currently include $83 rides on the Northeast Regional from New York to Boston ($125 on Acela), $96 trips between New York and Washington, D.C. ($173 on Acela), $60 trips between New York and Philadelphia ($113 on Acela), and $71 trips between New York and Providence, Rhode Island ($119 on Acela).</p><p>Riders interested in the deal can head to <a href="" target="_blank">Amtrak's website</a> and enter the code <strong>C222 </strong>when booking to apply the deal. The promotion is available until June 5. </p>
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You Can Rent Reba McEntire's Former Lakeside Estate Outside of Nashville

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/17/2019 - 09:51
<p>Traveling to <a href="" target="_blank">Tennessee</a> is already lovely, but throw in the chance to rent a stunning 8-bedroom classic southern home once owned by a country music legend and you’ve got yourself a dream vacation.</p><p>Guests looking to experience the best that Lebanon, <a href="" target="_blank">Tennessee</a> has to offer can now rent The Estate at Cherokee Dock, a home once owned by the queen of country, <a href="" target="_blank">Reba McEntire</a>.</p><img alt="The Estate at Cherokee Dock "src=""><p>“The lakefront estate in Lebanon, Tennessee, is most widely recognized as the former home of award-winning artist, actor and author Reba McEntire,” the home’s VRBO listing reads. “But today, The Estate at Cherokee Dock is a luxury event venue for elegant weddings, exquisite galas, corporate celebrations, private retreats, family reunions, charitable fundraisers and any other ceremonial events you can creatively conceptualize.”</p><img alt="The Estate at Cherokee Dock "src=""><p>The home, built in 1960, boasts 13 waterfront acres of land as well as the 12,816-square-foot home itself.</p><p>The home comes with a luxury stable, a guest house, a pool, and more.</p><p>Inside the main house, renters can spread out into its seven bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms. There’s also plenty of entertaining space as well including a theater, wine room, parlor, and separate family and formal living rooms.</p><img alt="The Estate at Cherokee Dock "src=""><p>%image5<br /><br />Outside, renters can also sprawl out on its large patio, ideal for entertaining thanks to its built-in Sonos speakers and plush lounge chairs, and take a few laps in the heated pool and spa. At night, they can also all gather around the fire pit for s’mores.</p><p>“It's the perfect place to relax in the sun listening to your favorite artists,” the home’s listing reads. “Enjoy breakfast as the sun comes up, or entertain guests for a truly spectacular gourmet dinner.”</p><p>Oh, and the home boasts one more important thing: A private boat dock ideal for fishing or for tying up your own boat for your vacation.</p><p>Want to rent it? It can be yours for just <a href="" target="_blank">$2,958 a night</a>. </p>
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You Can Do Yoga Next to Dolphins at This Hotel in Las Vegas

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/17/2019 - 09:27
<p>Leave it to Vegas to take two great things — in this case, yoga and dolphins — and put them together to create something completely unique. This one-of-a-kind experience at The Mirage brings your <a href="">yoga practice</a> to the dolphins, with the thrice weekly classes taking place in the underwater <a href="">dolphin viewing area</a> at Siegfried &amp; Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat.</p><img alt="The Mirage Resort Las Vegas, Dolphin Sanctuary "src=""><p>Yogis and yoginis of all skill levels gather together to find balance and harmony as bottlenose dolphins glide by. The morning class focuses on stretching the body, breathing exercises, and poses that will help guests start the day peacefully — with the dolphins providing an added dose of serenity.</p><p>The Mirage’s Yoga Among the Dolphins activity is available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and costs $50 for the one-hour class. A smoothie and access to the property’s full spa facility is included in the class rate. Clients will also be provided with a locker, yoga mat, and towel. Space is limited and reservations are required. To book, call the spa at (702) 791-7146.</p>
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Pilot Arrested at Airport for Alleged Triple Homicide

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/17/2019 - 08:20
<p>A pilot for an <a href="" target="_blank">American Airlines</a> subsidiary has been arrested for the alleged murder of three people in 2015, reported <a href="" target="_blank">CNN</a>.</p><p>Christian Richard Martin, a pilot for PSA Airlines, which is owned by American Airlines, was arrested at Louisville International Airport just before a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina he was scheduled to fly, according to <a href="" target="_blank">CBS News</a>.</p><p>Martin has been accused of the murder of Calvin Phillips, his wife Pamela Phillips, and their neighbor Edward Dansereau in November 2015, said Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear. Calvin Phillips was found shot to death in his home in Pembroke, Kentucky, while Pamela Phillips and Edward Dansereau were found in a burnt-out car a few miles away, CNN reported.</p><p>A grand jury has indicted Martin on three counts of murder, one count of arson and attempted arson, plus several counts of burglary and evidence tampering, according to CNN.</p><p>It’s unclear as to what Martin’s motive could have been or how the police came to suspect him, but it’s apparent that this is not his first problem with the law. According to CNN, after serving in the Army Reserve, Army National Guard, and active duty over 30 years, Martin was given a dismissal notice (which is the same as a dishonorable discharge) in August 2016 for two counts of mishandling classified information and of assault on a child under the age of 16, CNN reported. Phillips was apparently scheduled to testify against Martin during the hearings when he and his wife were killed.</p><p>Questions are now being raised as to how Martin was able to obtain a job as a pilot for an American Airline's subsidiary. Martin joined PSA Airlines in early 2018 and apparently passed criminal background checks for new employees. It’s possible that certain checks may not have red-flagged his past military charges, according to CBS News.</p><p>“All of us at American Airlines and PSA Airlines are deeply saddened to have learned about these allegations from 2015. Our team was made aware of the indictment this morning after his arrest at Louisville International Airport,” American Airlines said in a statement. “We have an unwavering commitment to the safety and security of our customers and team members, and we will provide any investigative assistance possible to law enforcement throughout their investigation.”</p><p>In a statment released from the attorney general's office, the family said, “We look forward to justice in court, and we look forward to a verdict to bring an end to this terror, and a fresh start at healing.”</p><p>Martin’s first court date is scheduled on May 22 and will not be able to fly with the airline in any capacity pending the investigation outcome.</p>
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