This Podiatrist-designed Shoe Brand Is Having a Sale on Its Most Popular Styles

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/24/2019 - 08:42
<p>Memorial Day may be the unofficial start to the summer, but it’s also one of the best times to score the <a href="" target="_blank">travel essentials you’ve been eyeing</a> for upcoming trips at a fraction of the price. Today, one of our favorite comfortable shoe brands, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Vionic, just dropped its Memorial Day Sale</a> which includes major discounts on <a href="" target="_blank">some of its most popular styles</a>.</p><p>There are hundreds of <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">shoes currently on sale on its website</a>, including cute espadrille wedges, sleek high heels, pretty flats, and even these <a href="" target="_blank">Oprah-approved sneakers</a> — all up to 30 percent off. The best part? Every pair of shoes from the brand has been specially designed by a team of podiatrists to provide you with the support and comfort you need to tackle a full day of sightseeing without any aches, pains, or blisters.</p><p><strong>Related:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">14 Pairs of Flats That Are Just as Comfortable as Sneakers, According to Thousands of Customer Reviews</a></p><p>Oh, and did we mention that all the shoes on sale are insanely stylish and versatile too? Each pair can easily transition from a daytime walking tour to a night out on the town in a snap. And they will look super cute in all your Instagram photos.</p><p><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Vionic’s Memorial Day Sale</a> runs now through May 28th, but you’ll want to move quickly if you to score these cute and comfy shoes in your size — with prices this good, they are sure to sell out fast. Scroll through to shop nine of our favorite discounted styles before they’re gone.</p><h2>Midi Perf Slip On Sneaker</h2><img alt="Midi Perf Slip On Sneaker "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $90 (originally $130)</p><h2>Kaitlyn Wedge</h2><img alt="Kaitlyn Wedge "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $90 (originally $130)</p><h2>Carroll Ballet Flat</h2><img alt="Carroll Ballet Flat "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $80 (originally $120)</p><h2>Avvy Loafer</h2><img alt="Avvy Loafer "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $100 (originally $140)</p><h2>Leah Casual Sneaker</h2><img alt="Leah Casual Sneaker "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $80 (originally $120)</p><h2>Dakota Mule Sneaker</h2><img alt="Dakota Mule Sneaker "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $80 (originally $120)</p><h2>Lovell Wedge Sandal</h2><img alt="Lovell Wedge Sandal "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $80 (originally $120)</p><h2>Kennedy Ankle Boot</h2><img alt="Kennedy Ankle Boot "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $120 (originally $180)</p><h2>Virginia Moccasin</h2><img alt="Virginia Moccasin "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $99 (originally $140)</p>
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Tourists Warned Not to Write in Sand Dunes in Japan

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/24/2019 - 08:03
<p>When traveling abroad, it’s important to <a href="" target="_blank">not seem like an obnoxious tourist</a> wherever you go.</p><p>After all, you wouldn’t want to give other tourists a bad rep. This means you have to play by the local rules. But sometimes, some people just don’t get the memo.</p><p>Much like Florence, Italy <a href="" target="_blank">banning tourists from snacking</a> in the street, or Rome <a href="" target="_blank">arresting people for swimming in the Trevi fountain</a>, authorities near the Tottori dunes in Japan are asking tourists to stop writing in the sand or face a fine.</p><img alt="Tottori Sand Dunes in Japan "src=""><p>According to<em> <a href="" target="_blank">Lonely Planet</a></em>, local authorities in Japan are doubling down on their efforts to stop anyone from writing messages “and other annoying acts” along the Tottori coastline. The famous dunes found in San-in Coast National park gets millions of visitors every year. According to the <em><a href="" target="_blank">Mainichi Shimbun</a></em>, the number of visitors staying overnight in Tottori topped 3.29 million in 2018. It’s not clear whether all visitors visited the sand dunes.</p><p>Unfortunately, so many visitors can also cause problems for the environment. Back in 2008, the government was already aware of the “sand graffiti” problem and issued an ordinance that says anyone caught writing sand messages larger than 10 square meters (107 square feet) would face a fine of ¥50,000 (about $456 USD), <em>Lonely Planet</em> reported.</p><p>Apparently, this has not deterred sand vandals.</p><p>According to <a href="" target="_blank">The Guardian</a>, there have been more than 3,300 incidents of “sand graffiti” in the last decade. There were over 200 in 2018 alone. One particular instance last January involved someone writing “Happy Birthday, Natalie” in a space that was about 25 meters (82 feet) long, <em>The Guardian</em> reported. The couple was ordered to erase it themselves, but most of the time, graffiti is erased by volunteers and government workers.</p><p>To try and curb the continuing graffiti problem, officials are increasing the number of warning signs in different languages, including English, Chinese, and Korean to deter visitors from sand writing.</p><p>Sure, writing in the sand isn’t exactly permanent, but locals consider it a big nuisance and an eyesore to the natural beauty of the area. According to <a href="http://writing in different languages, including English, Chinese, and Korean" target="_blank">The Guardian</a>, it’s one of the many complaints locals have against foreign tourists. It remains to be seen what extra warning signs will do to the physical beauty of the landscape, though.</p><img alt="Tottori Sand Dunes in Japan "src=""><p>If anything, being aware of the $400+ fine should probably be enough for most people.</p>
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This Airport Added Camera-ready Holes in Its Fence for Plane Photographers

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/24/2019 - 07:43
<p>Planespotters will have a much easier time exploring their hobby at Jean-Lesage International Airport of <a href="" target="_blank">Quebec, Canada</a>.</p><p>According to <a href="" target="_blank">PetaPixel</a>, the Canadian airport has installed special panels around the perimeter of the airport’s grounds to allow photographers to get better views of aircraft landing and taking off. The project was in conjunction with <a href="" target="_blank">YQB Aviation</a>, a planespotting organization in Quebec.</p><p>The airport posted about the collaboration with photos on Facebook.</p><p>If you’re not sure what <a href="" target="_blank">planespotting</a> is, you’ll be surprised to find out there’s a whole community surrounding taking photos, tracking movement, and getting up close and personal to aircraft. Basically put, planespotters just love airplanes in general.</p><p>While airports are usually the <a href="" target="_blank">best places for plane spotting</a>, you can spot planes pretty much anywhere with a good vantage point, usually in the airport vicinity, like <a href="" target="_blank">Maho Beach in St. Maarten</a>. Though, plane spotting is not without its risks, since getting too close to aircraft can cause injury or death.</p><p>But if you are an experienced and cautious plane spotter with a good camera, you can get some magnificent artwork, like <a href="" target="_blank">photographer Mike Kelley</a>, who created a series by manipulating photographs to make them look like dozens of planes were taking off at the same time.</p><img alt="YQB Canada Aviation, Plane spotting holes for photographers "src=""><p>And for photographers at Jean-Lesage International Airport, getting the perfect shot will be much easier. 10 photography holes have been placed on fences at different points of the airport’s tarmac, giving planespotters lots of options for excellent views.</p><p>Each hole is marked with a small panel that reads “Area Reserved for Photographers.”</p><img alt="YQB Canada Aviation, Plane spotting holes for photographers "src=""><p>YQB Aviation even posted a map of the 10 photography spots on the airport’s Facebook post.</p><p>Not only is this a great opportunity for plane spotters to take better photos, but it’ll also make this peculiar hobby safer for everyone.</p>
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This Aquarium Just Added an Exhibit of Ultra-rare Sea Dragons — See the Photos

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/24/2019 - 06:45
<p>One of the world’s largest sea dragon habitats opened in <a href="" target="_blank">Southern California</a> this week, drawing astonished visitors to ogle at the tanks containing the seahorse’s lesser-known cousin.</p><img alt="Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography Seadragons and Seahorses Exhibit "src=""><img alt="Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography Seadragons and Seahorses Exhibit "src=""><p><a href="" target="_blank">The Birch Aquarium at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography</a> at the University of California San Diego opened its new sea dragon tanks on May 17. The new permanent exhibition holds 5,375 gallons of water, about the equivalent of 70 bathtubs. The display has been created as an “ideal environment to breed leafy sea dragons, something that has never been done in captivity before,” <a href="" target="_blank">according to the aquarium</a>.</p><img alt="Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography Seadragons and Seahorses Exhibit "src=""><p>The Leafy Seadragon is known for its uncanny resemblance to a piece of kelp. “They look like something out of this world,” Leslee Matsushige, the aquarium’s associate curator, <a href="" target="_blank">told the Associated Press</a>. “When people see them move, you hear them say, ‘What? That’s alive? Wow! That’s crazy.’”</p><p>The exhibition launch is especially exciting considering <a href="" target="_blank">very few aquariums</a> keep sea dragons in captivity. There are only two types of sea dragon, leafy and weedy, both of which are in the aquarium’s tank. They are found off the coast of Australia in temperate waters, typically in remote areas and in small clusters. As such, the population of the wild sea dragon is still widely unknown.</p><img alt="Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography Seadragons and Seahorses Exhibit "src=""><img alt="Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography Seadragons and Seahorses Exhibit "src=""><p>Scientists are hoping that the tanks at the Birch Aquarium will foster breeding, which they believe is increasingly important to preserve the population of sea dragons during periods of climate change and warming oceans. They hope that if breeding programs are successful, it will reduce the number of sea dragons that are taken illegally from their natural environment. The animal is often taken as an illegal pet or used for alternative medicine.</p>
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This Ticket Is the Key to Saving on a Trip to Disney World This Summer — Here's When to Get It

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/24/2019 - 06:38
<p>If a trip to Disney World is on your itinerary this summer, there's a multi-park ticket you should know about.</p><p>The <a href="" target="_blank">Summer One World Ticket</a> offers a major discount if you want to visit all of Disney's parks in Orlando, and will be available to visitors this summer. The ticket, which costs $444, offers admittance to the resort’s four theme parks and two water parks.</p><p>The discounted ticket does not technically have a limit to the number of days you can use it. However, while you can use it on multiple parks in one day, you can’t use it to revisit a park. So, the ticket can last you two days, or it can last you six, depending on how you plan your time.</p><p>Divided over six parks, <a href="" target="_blank">each park admission costs an average $74</a>, making it a great value, <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Travel Weekly</em> reported</a>. Normally, one-day park admission to the theme parks are $109 and water parks are $69 — buying tickets individually will cost an average of $90 per park.</p><p>If you're looking for other deals and discounts on your Disney vacation, <a href="" target="_blank">many resort hotels are running excellent discounts</a> this summer.</p><p>The <a href="" target="_blank">Summer One World Ticket</a> must be purchased between June 4, 2019, and August 23, 2019.</p>
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Amazon’s Memorial Day Sale Includes Travel Essentials for Over 50% Off

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/24/2019 - 06:28
<p>Memorial Day is just around the corner, which means retailers are already kicking things off with some major early bird sales. Amazon released its Memorial Day sales this week, and we found some great deals on travel accessories you’ll want to hop on ASAP. The retail giant has slashed its prices on everything from its <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=87bc7ffae6563cc4cd7cd2dac6e9623b&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank">best-selling walking shoes</a> to big ticket items like <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=a168df74eaf1aab8442437c3a873d7e1&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank">Nikon cameras</a>.</p><p>You can grab this <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=84149d554e232c42ffdc930015efd809&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank">super stylish $100+ leather travel tote</a> for just $39 right now or a pair of <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=87bc7ffae6563cc4cd7cd2dac6e9623b&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank">comfy New Balance kicks</a> (a brand that <a href="" target="_blank">Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing recently</a>) for just under $50.</p><p><strong>Related:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">These Are the 9 Travel Accessories You Should Always Spend Money On</a></p><p>Plus, if you dig around on the site, you can find some under-the-radar deals that were made for summer traveling. Some of our faves include <a href=";linkCode=ll2&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=1751c199b30c29e1b5c4c88e2a04ba1c&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank">Samsonite luggage goodies on sale for 50 percent off</a>, a wide selection of <a href=";node=19152377011&amp;linkCode=ll2&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=bb6aa30d451e056edeaf9909d95f3bd4&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank">fashionable shoes and bags up to 70 percent off</a>, and <a href=",dealStates:AVAILABLE%252CWAITLIST%252CWAITLISTFULL%252CEXPIRED%252CSOLDOUT%252CUPCOMING,dealTypes:BEST_DEAL,sortOrder:BY_SCORE,includedAccessTypes:GIVEAWAY_DEAL&amp;pf_rd_p=0fd07728-a1d3-4935-914c-117c30ee47a5&amp;linkCode=ll2&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=f483868d74994c48db1f5a03aba4f1f9&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank">tons of discounted wireless headphones</a> that are perfect for long flights.</p><p>Below, we rounded up some of our favorite finds, from luggage to sunglasses.</p><h2>The Fix Leather Travel Tote Bag</h2><img alt="The Fix Leather Travel Tote Bag "src=""><p>To buy: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=84149d554e232c42ffdc930015efd809&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank"></a>, $39 (originally $113)</p><h2>New Balance Sneakers</h2><img alt="New Balance Sneakers "src=""><p>To buy: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=87bc7ffae6563cc4cd7cd2dac6e9623b&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank"></a>, $49 (originally $65)</p><h2>Nikon CoolPix Digital Camera</h2><img alt="Nikon CoolPix Digital Camera "src=""><p>To buy: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=a168df74eaf1aab8442437c3a873d7e1&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank"></a>, $497 (originally $600)</p><h2>206 Collective Slip-on Sneakers</h2><img alt="206 Collective Slip On Sneakers "src=""><p>To buy: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=b7151d7be0c5fca89f7c33d282927987&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank"></a>, $15 (originally $50)</p><h2>Samsonite Flexis Expandable Softside Carry-on Luggage</h2><img alt="Samsonite Flexis Expandable Softside Carry-On Luggage "src=""><p>To buy: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=5663e4f86c9e8eec3bbb9e5453e9cca0&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank"></a>, $120 (originally $200)</p><h2>Obsidian Polarized Sunglasses</h2><img alt="Obsidian Polarized Sunglasses "src=""><p>To buy: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=2b096379ca46c11997764d30efd5d56c&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank"></a>, $12 (originally $39)</p><h2>Bowers &amp; Wilkins Noise-cancelling Wireless Headphones</h2><img alt="Bowers & Wilkins Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones "src=""><p>To buy: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tlamazonmemorialsalecbutan0519-20&amp;linkId=53eee0ee4f4a0c2ecdf388b8416c412b&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank"></a>; $300 (originally $400)</p>
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United and American CEOs Will Be Among First to Fly 737 Max 8 Planes After Two Crashes

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/24/2019 - 06:21
<p>In March, a second <a href="" target="_blank">Boeing 737 Max 8</a> plane tragically crashed, killing all 157 people on board. In the days following the crash, airline after airline and country after country grounded the aircraft, until finally every single <a href="" target="_blank">737 Max 8</a> sat idly at airports around the world.</p><p>But now, just a few short months later, Boeing is hoping to get the planes back off the ground and <a href="" target="_blank">United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz</a> says he’s willing to be the first to get back on board.</p><p>On May 16, Boeing released a <a href="" target="_blank">statement</a> declaring it had completed a software update on the aircraft along with associated simulator testing and the company’s engineering test flight.</p><p>“With safety as our clear priority, we have completed all of the engineering test flights for the software update and are preparing for the final certification flight,” Boeing Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg said in the statement. “We’re committed to providing the FAA and global regulators all the information they need, and to getting it right. We’re making clear and steady progress and are confident that the 737 MAX with updated MCAS software will be one of the safest airplanes ever to fly. The accidents have only intensified our commitment to our values, including safety, quality and integrity, because we know lives depend on what we do.”</p><p>Now all that’s left to do is have the FAA recertify the planes so they can fly commercially once again. And when they are United will be ready.</p><p>On Wednesday, Munoz said he’s going to be on the first flight back with the planes to assure customers the aircraft is safe.</p><p>“Just because somebody says it’s safe, you as the flying public aren’t just going to get on the aircraft,” Munoz told the <a href="" target="_blank">press</a> following United’s annual meeting with shareholders.</p><p>According to the CEO, the airline will work diligently to educate both customers and employees on the aircraft’s upgrades to ensure they feel safe. But, if passengers want to change planes, the company said it will be willing to do so.</p><p>“If people need any kind of adjustments, we will absolutely rebook them,” he said.</p><p>And Munoz won’t be alone on that first flight. American Airlines CEO Doug Parker also told <a href="" target="_blank">NBC</a> he would be on the flight.</p><p>“There’s an absolute fix,” Parker said about the Boeing 737 Max. “There's one that we will all be comfortable with, or the aircraft won't be recertified. And our pilots are gonna agree with that, or the aircraft won't fly."</p><p>He added, “If that airplane has been certified by the FAA, and it's being flown by American pilots or Southwest pilots or United pilots, we all will know that it's 100 percent safe to fly.” </p>
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The Best and Worst Times to Drive on Memorial Day Weekend (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/24/2019 - 06:09
<p>As the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day weekend is always a busy one for travel. As it should be a weekend for a bit of rest and relaxation, it's a great idea to plan ahead of time for avoiding holiday traffic.</p><p>According to <a href="" target="_blank">AAA</a>, about 43 million Americans are expected to travel this weekend. That number, AAA noted, will mark the second-highest travel volume on record since it began tracking holiday travel volumes dating back to 2000 (trailing only the record set in 2005).</p><p>Compared to last year, an additional 1.5 million people will take to the nation’s roads, rails and runways. The vast majority of those holiday makers will be driving to their destinations.</p><p>“Americans are eagerly anticipating the start of summer, and expensive gas prices won’t keep them home this Memorial Day weekend,” Paula Twidale, vice president, AAA Travel, said in a statement. “Families continue to prioritize spending their disposable incomes on travel, and near-record numbers of them are looking forward to doing just that for Memorial Day.”</p><img alt="Miami, Florida memorial day weekend traffic "src=""><p>Memorial Day motorists should expect significant travel delays on major roads, according to INRIX, a global transportation analytics company. In fact, travelers could spend more than three times longer than normal during evening commutes.</p><h2>When not to drive this Memorial Day Weekend</h2><p>The late afternoons and evenings of Thursday, May 23 and Friday, May 24 will likely be the worst times to travel as commuters leave work early and mix with holiday travelers, according to INRIX.</p><p>“Drivers in the most congested metros should expect much worse conditions than normal,” Trevor Reed, transportation analyst at INRIX, said in a statement. “Travelers should anticipate delays to start on Wednesday and continue through Memorial Day. Our advice to drivers is to avoid the morning and evening commuting times or plan alternate routes.”</p><p>On the East Coast, the worst times vary depending on the city. In <strong>New York City</strong>, the worst estimated time for travel will be Thursday from 4:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m., and <strong>Atlanta</strong>'s worst time will be Thursday 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. In both <strong>Boston</strong> and <strong>D.C.</strong>, the worst estimated time will be Monday from 3:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.</p><p>In <strong>Chicago</strong> and <strong>Detroit</strong>, the worst estimated time will be Friday afternoon, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in Chicago, and 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. in Detroit. In <strong>Houston</strong>, the worst traffic is expected on Sunday, from 2:15 to 4:15 p.m.</p><p>In <strong>San Francisco,</strong> drivers could see the worst traffic on Saturday, between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. And in Los Angeles, Friday afternoon from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. is expected to be the worst.</p><p>Wherever you're headed, it's a good idea to leave early on Thursday if possible to avoid the worst traffic.</p><p>If you’re still on the hunt for where to go, here are <a href="" target="_blank">10 destinations worthy of your this Memorial Day Weekend</a> that won’t come with lengthy travel delays.</p>
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The TSA Is Preparing for Its Busiest Summer Ever With 10 Million More Passengers Than Last Year

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 05/24/2019 - 06:05
<p>It’s going to be a long, hot <a href="" target="_blank">summer</a> at TSA checkpoints.</p><p><a href="" target="_blank">In a statement</a> on Thursday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that it is expecting a four percent increase in travelers this summer, marking what will likely be the busiest travel season ever for the agency.</p><p>The agency predicts that more than 263 million passengers and airline crew members will pass through security from May 23 through Sept. 3, 2019.</p><p>That number is 10 million more than what it was in 2018. This year, on its busiest days, the agency expects to screen more than 2.7 million passengers per day.</p><p>This is the second time this year that the TSA says it’s prepping for the busiest travel season on record. In March, the agency predicted a <a href="" target="_blank">busier-than-ever spring break period</a>, with more than 100 million passengers going through security from March 14 through April 28.</p><p>To help combat the “summer surge,” the TSA says it has “increased airport security staffing levels by more than 2,000 officers” and increased the amount of overtime funds available.</p><p>“Passengers can help by arriving early and prepared for the security screening process, packing carry-on bags so they can be easily screened, and ensuring that neither they nor their bags contain prohibited items,” TSA Acting Deputy Administrator Patricia Cogswell said in a statement.</p><p>The agency advises that travelers fully unpack their carry-on bags before repacking for a trip to ensure that forgotten items don’t set off security sensors. Travelers should also arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure time for domestic flights and three hours for international flights.</p><p>Travelers who are particularly worried about wait times can register for <a href="" target="_blank">TSA PreCheck</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">Global Entry</a> to pass through the trusted traveler line. According to the TSA, 93 percent of people in that line waited less than five minutes to pass through security last month.</p>
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Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Zion National Park

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 05/23/2019 - 16:40
<p>Zion National Park, located in Utah, is the third <a href="" target="_blank">most-visited national park in the U.S</a>. And really, with its gorgeous views, world-class hiking, and one-of-a-kind narrow slot canyons, it’s no surprise that people love visiting Zion year after year.</p><p>Here’s how you can plan an epic vacation to one of America’s most treasured national parks, too.</p><h2>Getting to Zion National Park: Closest Airports and Driving Directions</h2><p>To get to Zion National Park, visitors can fly into the Las Vegas, Nevada airport, which is located 170 miles from the park, or into Salt Lake City, Utah, some 300 miles away. Or, if you can find a connecting flight, you could always fly into Saint George regional airport, which is 49 miles away and has flights from Salt Lake City and Denver, Colorado.</p><p>If you drive to Zion National Park from Las Vegas, all you need to do is hop on Interstate 15 North, take exit 16 for State Route 9 East, stay right to stay on State Route 9 East in La Verkin, Utah, and again stay on State Route 9 East into Zion National Park. The Zion Canyon Visitor Center is ahead on the right, according to the directions provided by the <a href="" target="_blank">National Parks Service</a>.</p><h2>Zion National Park Camping and Hotels</h2><p>There are two options for travelers looking to stay at Zion: Camping and hotels. At the park, Zion has <a href="" target="_blank">three campgrounds available</a>. Only Watchman Campground takes reservations from March through late November, the others are first-come, first-serve, but be warned, they often fill up by mid-morning each day.</p><p>If you're into camping vibes but want to be pampered, <a href="" target="_blank">Under Canvas Zion</a> has luxury glamping tents with king beds and full bathrooms on 196 acres bordering the park. Guests also get access to activities within the park, including helicopter and Jeep tours, fly fishing, rock climbing, and more.</p><p>If camping and glamping aren't for you, you can always book a stay at the <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Zion Lodge</a>, the only in-park lodge at Zion. There, visitors can book not only a plush room to sleep in after a long day of hiking, but they can also enjoy a meal at the lodge’s restaurant or book a horseback riding excursion through the park.</p><p>If the lodge is booked you could always try the <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">SpringHill Suites</a>, a Marriott hotel, which sits just outside Zion National Park. There, guests will also enjoy luxury rooms, on-site dining options, and even an outdoor swimming pool that provides unparalleled views.</p><h2>Zion National Park Hikes</h2><p>There are miles and miles of hiking trails around Zion National Park, ranging from easy loops to strenuous 14-mile hikes through Kolob Arch. So really, it’s up to you just how hard you want to go for your vacation in Zion. Here’s <a href="" target="_blank">a map of all the trails provided by the National Parks Service</a> to help you decide. But, if it helps, <a href="" target="_blank">All Trails</a> members have voted Angels Landing Trail, the Narrows, and East Rim Trail as their three favorites.</p><h2>Zion National Park Weather</h2><p>The weather in Zion National Park can vary greatly throughout the year. In the summer, the <a href="" target="_blank">National Parks Service explained</a>, temperatures can often exceed 100 degrees. In the winter, temperatures typically hover in the 50-60 degree range, and the park can even see snow. So, it may be best to plan your trip in the spring or fall, when temperatures are more moderate and rarely surpass 90 degrees.</p>
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Antigua Has 365 Beaches — but This New Resort Lets You Have One All to Yourself

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 05/23/2019 - 12:01
<p>Google “Antigua,” and the first page of search results reveals story after story about its 365 beaches. The island claims to have a year’s worth of sandy strips — all open to the public and ripe for exploration. And now visitors, can stay right on the pristine sands of one of the best, as the long-awaited <a href="" target="_blank">Hodges Bay Resort &amp; Spa</a> debuts on the north coast.</p><p>Largely untouched by 2017’s Hurricane Irma (which <a href="" target="_blank">barreled through its sister island of Barbuda</a>, 38 miles away), <a href="" target="_blank">Antigua</a> is having a bit of a moment in terms of hotel development. Both <a href="" target="_blank">Rosewood</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Waldorf Astoria</a> have announced projects in the twin-island nation, which lies 400 miles southeast of Puerto Rico and is as famous for its centuries-old yachting tradition as it is for its beaches.</p><p>But the $100 million Hodges Bay, the ninth in <a href="" target="_blank">Elegant Hotels’</a> Caribbean collection joining those in Barbados and St. Lucia, is one of only a handful of luxury hotels on this 108-square-mile island, and the first new build to combine the convenience of hotel amenities with the privacy of villa living. Five miles from the capital of St. John’s, and just a stone’s throw from kitesurfing favorite <a href="" target="_blank">Jabberwock Beach</a>, its 79 rooms, suites, and villas face the perpetually breezy sea. </p><p>Hodges Bay is a notable opening on the island for many reasons. Its design a welcome departure from the hackneyed British Colonial vernacular still so common at island resorts (even newer ones). The aesthetic — spearheaded by Miami-based architects <a href="" target="_blank">Kobi Karp</a> — is clean-lined and contemporary. Building exteriors are neutral, encouraging the eye to focus exactly where it should: on the vivid color and pattern of the surrounding landscape. Cutouts in the white, vine-covered patio walls frame bougainvillea ablaze with hot pink blossoms, leaning sea grape trees, and foam-fringed waves. The landscape is lush, with mature tropical plantings that have thrived here since 2006 — when the first of what would be a string of owners began development of the site.</p><p>One of the most striking spaces is the soaring lobby, a three-story, marble-clad atrium on the inland side of the property. It is sleek but not sterile; generous use of natural materials injects warmth (and offers Instagram opportunities galore). A striking chandelier, made from a gargantuan piece of driftwood, is suspended above the staircase. Orchids hang between copper-shaded pendant lights fitted with glowing Edison bulbs. Rattan chaises and glass-topped tables, their bases made of gnarled tree trunks, lend an earthy elegance. </p><img alt="Hodges Bay Resort & Spa "src=""><p>While it doesn't come cheap — rooms start at around $700 a night — the resort is unpretentious, with none of the formality you’d expect at this price point. The property is bisected by a quiet residential street, the two halves seamlessly connected by a mosaic-tiled tunnel. It’s the kind of hotel where, in the daytime, shoes are optional — and, after sunset, you’ll need nothing more than a sundress (slacks for the guys). This attitude is definitely a boon for families: no one freaks out if a toddler spills Cheerios on the Cuban tiles of the restaurant, everyone from bartenders to pool attendants fawns over the little ones.</p><p>For a hotel with so few keys, there is surprising variety in the type of acommodation: cozy rooms, one-bedroom suites, multi-bedroom apartments, penthouses, and beautiful self-contained villas, some with their own lap pools and outdoor hot tubs. The common thread is the uncluttered, understated décor, which never takes itself too seriously. Sandy feet and damp swimsuits welcome.</p><p>Those who are seeking true luxury, though, will find it here, too. The upper-level accommodations (14 apartments, eight four-bedroom villas, and a pair of penthouses) include the service of butlers — who, like other resort staff, somehow expertly achieve that delicate balance between being attentive but never obsequious. They can arrange everything you need to make your stay smoother, from fast track service through <a href="" target="_blank">Antigua's international ariport</a> (just a 10-minute drive away) to car rental, grocery shopping, and spa appointments. My own personal “Jeeves,” the superb Romane Patterson, even went so far as to organize a surprise birthday celebration for guests lunching at a restaurant across the island.</p><img alt="Hodges Bay Resort & Spa "src=""><p>Hodges isn’t all-inclusive, though Antigua has several all-incs, if that’s your speed. But rates do include breakfast — taken either <i>en suite</i> (there’s 24-hour room service) or at White Sands, the beachfront restaurant that’s also open for dinner. I’m still reminiscing over my mornings on its patio, leisurely sipping an oversized cup of cappuccino as the famous offshore islet, Prickly Pear island, glowed on the horizon.</p><p>Lunch is a casual affair (think burgers, pizza, and salads), served straight to your chaise at either of two pools or on the beach. (Apart from outdoor showers, chaise dining has to be one of my favorite resort luxuries). Evenings begin at Black Sails, the open-air ocean-view lounge directly above White Sands. Come for the small plates and stick around for Prickly Punch (rum, tamarind syrup, lime juice, and a dash of Angostura bitters), enjoyed on low-slung chairs and sofas while the sun disappears and beachfront palm fronds wave goodbye.</p><p>It’s a relaxing prelude to dinner at NaCl (the chemical formula for sodium chloride, also known as table salt), the dinner-only restaurant helmed by <a href="" target="_blank">chef Edward Lee</a>, James Beard Award nominee and author of last year’s "Buttermilk Graffiti." Butter-baked bread, NaCl’s signature appetizer, was a temptation I’m glad I didn’t resist. Arriving in a piping-hot cast-iron skillet and dusted with crystals of pink Himalayan salt that glistened in the glow of candlelight, the pull-apart loaf signaled the start of a superb (and waist-widening) feast, which also included pan-seared red snapper, crab fried rice with coconut-lime curry, and a bowl of deliciously decadent creamed corn with bacon. The restaurant's setting is a bit incongruous, set in a dimly lit, sparsely decorated third-floor breezeway, but the meal lives up to Lee's well-earned reputation.</p><img alt="Hodges Bay Resort & Spa "src=""><p>During the day, Hodges guests — mostly British families and empty-nester couples during my visit — do just what you think: swim and lounge at the pool (there are two, of which one is adults-only) or on the golden crescent of beach at the property's front door. Feeling adventurous? Wander along the oceanfront to the property’s edge and find the rock pool, rumored to have been carved into the ironshore by Mick Jagger, who reportedly stayed in the neighboring villa many years ago. Can’t be bothered? Just kick back with a cold Wadadli (the local brew) and call it a day.</p><p>Beyond the resort, make time to explore as many of those 365 beaches as possible. Handily, Hodges Bay’s most popular excursion takes them to another of Antigua’s finest. A three-hour tour to <a href="" target="_blank">Prickly Pear</a> — a 165-foot long islet just three minutes’ boat ride away — does feel like an episode of "Gilligan’s Island" (minus the mishaps). Time your visit for a day when there aren’t any cruise ships in port, and you’ll be the star of the show. Your supporting cast: clear turquoise water and sand as fine as confectioner’s sugar.</p><p>With a supply of unlimited rum punch on hand, it definitely won't be an uphill climb.</p><p><em>Hodges Bay Resort &amp; Spa provided support for the reporting of this story.</em></p>
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The 2019 Holiday Season Is Going to Be More Magical Than Ever at Universal Orlando Resort

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 05/23/2019 - 11:16
<p>There’s no better place to spend Christmas than in <a href="" target="_blank">Florida</a>.</p><p>Don’t fret about changing your annual routine for the holiday, because theme park Christmas lasts all winter long at Universal Orlando Resort. From Nov. 16, 2019 through Jan. 5, 2020, Universal’s two Florida parks will feature festive experiences themed to favorite films like "The Grinch," "Minions"<em> </em>and the "Harry Potter" series for a seasonal exhibition that truly cannot be missed.</p><img alt="Christmas at Universal Studios theme park "src=""><p>Staying at home all winter won’t sound too exciting when your holiday plans could include exploring the world of a beloved boy wizard, seeing your favorite animated character up close or bolstering enough holiday cheer to grow one green villain’s heart three sizes, guaranteed.</p><p>Summer is on the horizon — and yes, <a href="" target="_blank">theme park Halloween</a> is its own bonanza — but all ride-obsessed experts know escaping the bitter cold at home and warming up down in Florida is the ideal way to spend the winter. (And, trust us: it’s not just because Universal’s newest restaurant <a href="" target="_blank">has tableside s’mores</a>.)</p><p>You won’t need to head to New York — or even abandon basting the turkey — for the full Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade experience this year. Dozens of oversized balloons shaped like characters from "Shrek" and "Minions" and floats celebrating films like "Madagascar" and "SpongeBob SquarePants" will fill the streets of Universal Studios Florida, floating above the attractions daily all winter long in <a href="" target="_blank">Universal’s Holiday Parade featuring Macy’s</a> at the Florida theme park.</p><img alt="Park guests at entrance to Seuss Landing at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida "src=""><p>Mall santas have a challenger on their hands at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park next door, where none other than Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch reigns supreme. From a ticketed themed breakfast and meeting his dog Max to the famed <a href="" target="_blank">Grinchmas <em>Who</em>-liday Spectacular</a> performed multiple times each day, the beloved green grump becomes an in-demand holiday celebrity within the parks. Meeting The Grinch face-to-face is an unforgettable memory like none other — just know he can be a bit unpredictable if you <a href="" target="_blank">bring a familiar treat</a>.</p><img alt="A steaming locomotive at Hogsmeade during a nighttime preview event of Christmas in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter "src=""><p>The highlight for most, however, is Christmastime in Wizarding World. Both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade Village are decked out for the holidays, letting you experience what Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley must have felt at each term’s end. Sip hot butterbeer as you <a href="" target="_blank">stroll past well-festooned shops</a> or stay past nightfall to witness The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle, an <a href="" target="_blank">immersive performance packed with yuletide magic</a> projected perfectly upon the school of witchcraft and wizardry.</p><p>It’s bound to be more exciting than driving past neighbors’ illuminated homes — and not just because this one also has a frog choir and Christmas feast’s worth of special seasonal foods. (Ginger newt, anyone?)</p><p>Universal Orlando hotels are also filled with delightful touches throughout the season, and on select nights, <a href="" target="_blank">Mannheim Steamroller</a> will appear at the park for live performances; no additional tickets are required to see the famed group perform uptempo holiday favorites.</p><p>With so many options at Universal Orlando Resort’s parks from November through January, the greatest Christmas gift of all might just be to take a vacation down south.</p>
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You Can Swim With Sharks in the Middle of the Desert at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay

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<p><a href="" target="_blank">Las Vegas</a> may be located in a landlocked state, but it <em>is </em>Vegas — and somehow that makes it less surprising that it’s home to North America’s only predator-based aquarium. In true Vegas fashion, visitors can find the one-of-a-kind site at the iconic Mandalay Bay resort. In addition to showcasing exotic sea animals, the Mandalay Bay <a href="" target="_blank">Shark Reef Aquarium</a> offers guests the chance to swim with them.</p><img alt="Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas "src=""><p>The aquarium is home to around 15 species of sharks, including sand tiger, sandbar, and white tip reef sharks. After a tour of the aquarium and an equipment orientation, scuba certified guests can test their courage — and get a healthy dose of adrenaline — by diving into a 1.3-million-gallon tank full of predators.</p><img alt="Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas "src=""><p>The <a href="" target="_blank">experience costs</a> $650 for one diver and $1,000 for two. The price includes equipment and a video of your underwater excursion. Reservations are available for Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons. To book, call the Mandalay Bay concierge at (877) 305-3136.</p><p>For visitors who are not ready to make the dive, a tunnel running across the tank offers an almost 360-degree view of the underwater world. The Shark Reef Aquarium boasts 14 exhibits and is home to over 2,000 animals including piranhas, giant stingrays, and endangered green sea turtles. </p>
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The World’s Tiniest McDonald's Just Opened in Sweden — but It’s Only for Bees

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 05/23/2019 - 10:43
<p>It’s the exact opposite of a McMansion. The McHive is the world’s smallest McDonald’s, and it’s not even fit for humans.</p><p>The McHive is a miniature <a href="" target="_blank">McDonald’s</a> replica but instead of a cash register, fryer and seating inside, it’s just rows and rows of honeycombs meant for bees.</p><img alt="Mini McDonalds Beehive "src=""><p>The project grew out of an unusual feature of Swedish McDonald’s. To lessen their environmental impact, some McDonald’s locations began installing beehives on their roofs.</p><p>“The initiative started out locally but is now growing,” NORD DDB, the creative agency behind the project, <a href="" target="_blank">explained</a>. “More franchisees around the country are joining the cause and have also started replacing the grass around their restaurants with flowers and plants that are important for the wellbeing of wild bees.”</p><p>In honor of World Bee Day (celebrated each year on May 20), the fast-food company commissioned award-winning Swedish set designer Nicklas Nilsson (<a href="" target="_blank">who has worked on music videos for David Bowie and Lykke Li</a>) to create the “world’s smallest McDonald’s” to welcome “thousands of important guests.” It comes complete with golden arches, drive-through and ads in the windows.</p><p>The mini-beehive McDonald’s itself will be auctioned off to benefit the Ronald McDonald House charities.</p><p>“We have a lot of really devoted franchisees who contribute to our sustainability work, and it feels good that we can use our size to amplify such a great idea as beehives on the rooftops,” Christoffer Rönnblad, marketing director of McDonald’s Sweden, <a href="" target="_blank">told <em>Adweek</em></a>.</p>
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Tory Burch's Best-selling Foldable Travel Flats Are on Sale Right Now

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 05/23/2019 - 10:31
<p>Calling all Tory Burch fans everywhere (or really just anyone who appreciates a good, comfy ballet flat): today is your day. <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">The fashion brand’s best-selling ‘Minnie’ flats</a> are on sale right now for $69 off — and no, we’re not joking.</p><p>If the <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">leather shoe’s elegant ballet flat silhouette</a> (complete with Tory Burch’s signature logo medallions) doesn’t pull you in, then the shoe’s travel-friendly design just might. These Tory Burch flats have a flexible construction, making them foldable so you can easily cram them into your overflowing carry-on (relatable) or sneak them into your purse as a post–night out comfy footwear option when your dancing heels start feeling more like your nightmare heels (relatable).</p><img alt="Tory Burch Flats on Sale "src=""><p>Add to that: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">These Tory Burch leather flats</a> have layered foam cushioning and a slip-resistant rubber sole, so you can spend all day in them without worrying about aching feet or succumbing to the effects of gravity and a slippery floor (again, relatable). Plus, each pair comes with a stylish shoe bag, so you really have no excuse but to buy this perfect pair of foldable travel flats.</p><p><strong>Related: </strong><a href="" target="_blank">Everlane’s Best-selling Comfy Flats Now Come in 3 Gorgeous New Colors for Spring</a></p><p>You can score 30 percent off of the popular women’s shoes at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a> right now, bringing the original price tag of $228 down to an add-to-cart-worthy $159 (or snag them for $153 at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a> if your size is still available). Scroll through below to shop the <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Tory Burch flats on sale</a> — before they sell out.</p><h3>Tory Burch 'Minnie' Leather Flats in Metallic Perfect Sand</h3><img alt="Tory Burch Flats on Sale "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $159 (originally $228)</p><h3>Tory Burch 'Minnie' Leather Flats in Metallic Sea Shell Pink</h3><img alt="Tory Burch Flats on Sale "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $159 (originally $228)</p><h3>Tory Burch 'Minnie' Leather Flats in Dark Azalea</h3><img alt="Tory Burch Flats on Sale "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $159 (originally $228)</p><h3>Tory Burch 'Minnie' Leather Flats in Royal Navy</h3><img alt="Tory Burch Flats on Sale "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $159 (originally $228)</p><h3>Tory Burch 'Minnie' Leather Flats in Bright Pomander</h3><img alt="Tory Burch Flats on Sale "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $159 (originally $228)</p>
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737 Max Airplanes Are Still Grounded Around the World — and These Airlines Want Compensation From Boeing

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 05/23/2019 - 10:22
<p>China’s three largest airlines have sent compensation claims to Boeing for the months their 737 aircraft have been grounded.</p><p>More than 40 countries, including China and the U.S., grounded 737 aircraft in the aftermath of <a href="" target="_blank">the Ethiopian Airways crash in March</a> that killed 157 people.</p><p>This week, China Eastern Airlines, Air China and China Southern Airlines all sent a compensation request to the manufacturer.</p><p>“China has grounded 96 aircraft, which is about 4 percent of its airplanes,” Li Xioajin, a China aviation expert, <a href="" target="_blank">told <em>Reuters</em></a>. “The grounding causes huge losses for Chinese airlines.”</p><p>None of the airlines disclosed how much they were requesting in compensation, but losses are estimated to be almost $14,500 per aircraft per day of grounding, according to <em>Reuters</em>.</p><p>China was the first country to ground the Boeing 737, doing so less than a day after the Ethiopian Airways crash. It has already been more than two months that the planes have stayed on the ground.</p><p>All three of the airlines issuing compensation requests are controlled by the Chinese state.</p><p>But China isn’t the only country asking Boeing for compensation. Norwegian Air, Flydubai, Ryanair and Turkish Air have also asked for money from the manufacturer, <a href="" target="_blank">according to CNN</a>.</p><p>The 737 Max had been Boeing’s best-selling plane. But the future of the aircraft is uncertain after it was involved in two fatal crashes within five months. The Ethiopian Airways crash had many similarities to a Lion Air crash in October 2018. Both aircraft were <a href="" target="_blank">new to the fleet and</a> both crashed within minutes of takeoff. <a href="" target="_blank">According to Boeing’s data,</a> the manufacturer only sold 10 of the aircraft in the first quarter of 2019, compared with 112 in the same period last year.</p>
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Tokyo’s Narita Airport Is Testing Self-driving Wheelchairs to Assist People With Mobility Issues

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 05/23/2019 - 09:57
<p>As <a href="" target="_blank">every well-traveled person knows</a>, getting from one end of the airport to the other can be a trek — especially when you have a short period of time to make a connecting flight. This problem is only compounded for those with mobility issues. To address this challenge, Japan’s largest airline, <a href="" target="_blank">All Nippon Airways</a> (ANA) and Panasonic Corporation have teamed up to test self-driving electric wheelchairs at Narita International Airport.</p><img alt="ANA Personal Mobility, Narita Airport "src=""><p>The new-generation wheelchairs have tracking capabilities that allow them to navigate the airport independently while detecting and avoiding obstacles along the way. The new chairs ensure that travelers don’t have to rely on airport staff to get to their gate or the baggage claim, providing independence and helping make transfers and arrivals more efficient.</p><p>The testing ground for the new technology — Narita International Airport — is a large, high volume international airport where many travelers must walk a long distance to reach their connecting flights.</p><p>In a <a href="" target="_blank">statement</a> from Panasonic, Juichi Hirasawa, senior vice president of ANA, said, "ANA's partnership with Panasonic will make Narita Airport more welcoming and accessible, both of which are crucial to maintaining the airport's status as a hub for international travel in the years to come. The robotic wheelchairs are just the latest element in ANA's multi-faceted approach to improving hospitality in the air and on the ground."</p>
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Thanks to Spring Snow, These Ski Areas Are Reopening for Memorial Day Weekend

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 05/23/2019 - 09:38
<p>Memorial Day weekend may mark the unofficial start of summer, but for those living in the western mountains, it’s clear that winter isn’t quite over. This Memorial Day, while most Americans spend the long weekend at a parade or picnicking in the park, skiers can head to the slopes.</p><p>Above average snow accumulations and late season snow have extended the ski season at several North American ski areas and some previously closed mountains — including Aspen and Whistler Blackcomb — are reopening in time for powder hounds to celebrate an unconventional Memorial Day.</p><p><em><a href="" target="_blank">The Points Guy</a></em> reports that at least a dozen North American ski areas will be open for Memorial Day weekend skiing, and in some cases ticket prices and lodging are more affordable, since the traditional ski season has ended.</p><p>Below is a list of ski resorts that skiers and snowboarders can expect to find open this Memorial Day weekend:</p><h2>Colorado</h2><p>Arapahoe Basin</p>Lift tickets start at $58<p>Aspen Mountain</p>Lift tickets will cost $27 for pass holders and $54 for all others.<p>Breckenridge</p>Special spring pricing <a href="" target="_blank">is listed</a> as “TBD,” but currently advance online single-day tickets are $99.<h2>Washington</h2><p>Crystal Mountain</p>Lift tickets are $50<h2>California</h2><p>Mammoth Mountain</p>Tickets start at $103 online. Active and retired military personnel and their immediate families can get free lift tickets on Memorial Day.<p>Squaw Valley</p>Tickets start at $99<p>Heavenly</p>Tickets are $99<h2>Oregon</h2><p>Mt. Bachelor</p>Online ticket purchase is $82. Note: The resort’s closing day is Sunday and will not be open on Memorial Day itself.<p>Timberline</p>Tickets are $73<h2>Utah</h2><p>Snowbird</p>Tickets start at $69 online<h2>Vermont</h2><p>Killington</p>Lift tickets are $70<h2>British Columbia, Canada</h2><p>Whistler/Blackcomb</p>Lift tickets are $65
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Belgian Monks Just Brewed Medieval Beer From a Long-lost Recipe

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 05/23/2019 - 07:54
<p>An order of monks in Belgium recently revived a medieval beer recipe that hasn't been brewed in over 220 years, <a href="" target="_blank">the <em>Metro</em> reported</a>.</p><p>The recipe, originally from the 12th century, was found in the Order of Canons Regular of Premontre at Grimbergen Abbey's archives and written in Old Latin and Old Dutch. The monks did significant research and translation work before they were able to even read it.</p><p>The recipe was thought to be lost since 1798, according to the <em>Metro</em>, when the abbey was burned down, but it was apparently saved by monks who stashed it in a secret hole in the wall along with other books.</p><p><a href="" target="_blank">Old abbeys</a> often house <a href="" target="_blank">working breweries</a> <a href="" target="_blank">all around the world</a>, but especially in Belgium.</p><p>It took four years to start brewing the recipe, and the monks were only just recently able to take their first sip. The incredibly strong brew is 10.8 percent ABV, which is almost twice the <a href="" target="_blank">average ABV</a> of most craft beers.</p><p>The abbey’s new master brewer Marc-Antoine Sochon admitted that they made some changes to the recipe in the name of taste, according to the <em>Metro</em>. As <a href="" target="_blank">HowStuffWorks</a> puts it, beer was a sort of nutritional alternative to water, though it was never used as a replacement for water as many myths would have us believe. Instead, it was more of a caloric beverage for workers who were “thirsty and in need of energy.”</p><p>Sochon agrees, saying the beer was “a bit tasteless, it was like liquid bread.” So this new brew was clearly revamped for modern tastes.</p>
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10 Memorial Day Destinations for People Who Still Don’t Have Plans (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 05/23/2019 - 07:27
<p>If you haven’t already planned your Memorial Day getaway, it’s not too late. You can still get out of town for a perfect weekend escape.</p><p>Yelp has compiled a list of the best Memorial Day destinations for a last-minute jaunt of town. These places won’t be the busiest in the country, but they’ll still have plenty to do and see during the three-day weekend.</p><p><strong>Related:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">25 Memorial Day Quotes for Your Patriotic Instagram Photos</a></p><p>Using data from Memorial Day 2018, Yelp identified the cities with the least “consumer activity” during the long weekend. Then, from that list, cities were ranked based on how much busier they got during the holiday weekend, relative to the seven days before and after. The list was limited to two cities per state to create rankings that would spread across the country.</p><p>Unsurprisingly, the list includes many coastal cities from New Jersey to California. It’s not a proper Memorial Day unless there’s a beach nearby.</p><h2>10. Aspen, Colorado</h2><img alt="Best Memorial Day destinations according to Yelp "src=""><p>Aspen is much more than just a ski town. Come Memorial Day Weekend, you’ll be able to walk up the mountains or even rock climb at <a href="" target="_blank">Maroon Bells Peaks</a>. The holiday weekend is also a great time to meander through <a href="" target="_blank">John Denver Sanctuary</a>, where stones are engraved with the singer’s lyrics about the Rocky Mountains. A local favorite is <a href="" target="_blank">HOPS Culture</a>, a new American eatery with a courtyard perfect for al fresco holiday dining.</p><h2>9. Hood River, Oregon</h2><img alt="Best Memorial Day destinations according to Yelp "src=""><p>Hood River calls itself the windsurfing capital of the world. You can try your hand at the sport at the town’s <a href="" target="_blank">Waterfront Park</a>. If you prefer to stay on land, the <a href="" target="_blank">Double Mountain Horse Ranch</a> will help you saddle up and explore paths up mountains and along waterfalls. Once mealtime hits, head to <a href="" target="_blank">The Sixth Street Bistro &amp; Loft</a>, a favorite among locals and tourists alike.</p><h2>8. Southampton, New York</h2><img alt="Best Memorial Day destinations according to Yelp "src=""><p>It’s the Hamptons. Classic New York Memorial Day Weekend destination. Head to <a href="" target="_blank">Cooper’s Beach</a> for a picturesque day on the seaside. After a day spent in surf and sun, indulge in a glass of wine bottled at the <a href="" target="_blank">Wolffer Estate Vineyard</a>. For dinner, <a href="" target="_blank">Cowfish Restaurant</a> will put some ridiculously fresh seafood on your plate and give you dockside views to match.</p><h2>7. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware</h2><img alt="Best Memorial Day destinations according to Yelp "src=""><p>Rehoboth is one of those coastal towns that has stood the test of centuries, but still maintains its old-timey charm with its boardwalk and famous hand-pulled salt water taffy. The <a href="" target="_blank">Funland</a> amusement park is a must-see on the boardwalk. Get dinner overlooking the beach at the <a href="" target="_blank">Boardwalk Plaza Hotel</a> and then end the night with drinks at the <a href="" target="_blank">Dogfish Head Brewery</a>. Yes, <em>that </em>Dogfish Head.</p><h2>6. Solvang, California</h2><img alt="Best Memorial Day destinations according to Yelp "src=""><p>In Southern California, there’s the perfect little Danish enclave of Solvang. If you’re looking for a “European” Memorial Day escape, there’s even a windmill and wooden architecture to wander around. Pay homage to the famous Danish writer <a href="" target="_blank">Hans Christian Andersen</a> at the park named after him. Go horseback riding (and then drink wine!) at <a href="" target="_blank">Vino Vaqueros</a>. And finish the whole sophisticated shebang with dinner at <a href="" target="_blank">Hitching Post II</a>, known for its filet mignon.</p><h2>5. Port Angeles, Washington</h2><img alt="Best Memorial Day destinations according to Yelp "src=""><p>There are nearly one million acres of land in Washington’s <a href="" target="_blank">Olympic National Park</a>. Port Angeles is a coastal gateway to the jaw-dropping environment. If you prefer your wildlife where you can see it, head to <a href="" target="_blank">Olympic Game Farm</a> to see zebras, wolves and bison. <a href="" target="_blank">Next Door Gastropub</a> has plenty of vegan options if you’d rather keep wildlife off your plate.</p><h2>4. Ocean City, Maryland</h2><img alt="Best Memorial Day destinations according to Yelp "src=""><p>Ocean City has the vibe of an old beach town, right down to the boardwalk. Board a <a href="" target="_blank">Sea Rocket</a> boat for a chance to sea dolphins up close. Continue the seaside vibes with crab cakes at <a href="" target="_blank">Crab Alley</a>, a local favorite for shellfish.</p><h2>3. Harwich, Massachusetts</h2><img alt="Best Memorial Day destinations according to Yelp "src=""><p>This Cape Cod town won’t be as packed as some other destinations. Tee up at the <a href="" target="_blank">Wequassett Resort and Golf Club</a>. But even those who don’t hit the green will marvel at the views. Families can hop on their bikes and pedal around the <a href="" target="_blank">Cape Cod Rail Trail</a> together. To refuel, Yelp users love <a href="" target="_blank">The Mad Minnow</a> for its creative menu, including crab cake tater tots and tuna cannoli.</p><h2>2. Mammoth Lakes, California</h2><img alt="Best Memorial Day destinations according to Yelp "src=""><p>Instead of heading to the beaches of Southern California, go up to the mountains this Memorial Day weekend. Mammoth Lakes may be known in the winter for its skiing, but because of its location in California’s strip of national forests, it’s equally gorgeous come summer. Visit <a href="" target="_blank">Rainbow Falls</a> for proof. If your hikes are more usually oriented towards the sales rack, stop in the shops at <a href="" target="_blank">The Village At Mammoth</a>. No matter what you do with your day, relax with dinner and a cocktail at <a href="" target="_blank">Mammoth Tavern</a> come nightfall.</p><h2>1. Beach Haven, New Jersey</h2><img alt="Best Memorial Day destinations according to Yelp "src=""><p>Yelp’s top ranking went to Beach Haven, New Jersey. Located on Long Beach Island, visitors can choose to splash on the beach or keep things tame in the local waterpark. Grab a drink at the tiki bar at <a href="" target="_blank">The Sea Shell Resort &amp; Beach Club</a> or indulge in old-time fun on the carousel at <a href="" target="_blank">Fantasy Island Amusement Park</a>.</p>
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