Spending Review: Millions face cut in value of workplace pensions

BBC Money News Feed - 5 hours 5 min ago
Women and new retirees likely to be hit hardest by the planned change - but not before 2030.
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Low-paid public sector workers to get £250 pay rise

BBC Money News Feed - 6 hours 48 min ago
Pay will be frozen for much of the public sector, but low-paid and NHS workers will get raises.
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'My dream flat left me with a £20,000 repair bill'

BBC Money News Feed - 20 hours 15 min ago
The government's shared ownership scheme has left some with rising fees and huge debts, BBC Panorama finds.
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NS&I apologises for delays amid savers' exodus

BBC Money News Feed - Tue, 11/24/2020 - 17:56
It says sorry to those struggling to get through on the phone on the day cuts in savings rates take effect.
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Benefit scams worth £1bn foiled during lockdown

BBC Money News Feed - Tue, 11/24/2020 - 15:19
Thousands of identities were stolen before unusual banking activity alerted a civil servant to the fraud.
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Most Black Friday products 'were same price or cheaper' beforehand

BBC Money News Feed - Tue, 11/24/2020 - 14:40
Nine in 10 products are the same price or cheaper before the sale, finds consumer group.
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Protect leaseholders from cladding removal costs, say MPs

BBC Money News Feed - Tue, 11/24/2020 - 03:05
The state should foot the bill for removing flammable materials from high-rise buildings, MPs say.
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Goodbye ATMs. How local shops offer access to cash

BBC Money News Feed - Tue, 11/24/2020 - 00:30
Is this the post-Covid future for millions of people who still need to pay using notes and coins?
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Rishi Sunak says Spending Review will not spell austerity

BBC Money News Feed - Mon, 11/23/2020 - 07:59
The chancellor says he will uphold pre-Covid funding pledges on police, nurses and schools.
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What is a Spending Review? How will it affect you?

BBC Money News Feed - Sun, 11/22/2020 - 22:32
The chancellor will announce his public service spending plans in uniquely difficult circumstances.
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'I was a stage manager and now I'm a bike mechanic'

BBC Money News Feed - Fri, 11/20/2020 - 22:30
Laura Wilson from west London takes us through her week during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Households face £21 rise in energy bills in 2021

BBC Money News Feed - Fri, 11/20/2020 - 19:12
Ofgem is considering the rise to help energy firms which have been hit by a jump in unpaid bills.
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Millions of public sector workers face pay freeze

BBC Money News Feed - Fri, 11/20/2020 - 01:10
The pay of 5.5m workers could be frozen as the government tries to bolster the public finances.
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ComparetheMarket fined £17.9m over competition flaw

BBC Money News Feed - Thu, 11/19/2020 - 07:27
Contracts meant getting the best home insurance deals was not as "simples" as its adverts suggest.
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House prices rise as Covid sparks rural relocation

BBC Money News Feed - Wed, 11/18/2020 - 11:37
Property prices in the South West of England have risen fastest in the UK, official statistics show.
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Clothes and food price rises push inflation higher

BBC Money News Feed - Wed, 11/18/2020 - 10:03
The UK's inflation rate, which tracks the prices of goods and services, increases to 0.7% in October.
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Shift to electric cars will need 'Herculean' effort, says industry

BBC Money News Feed - Wed, 11/18/2020 - 00:39
The car industry says it could struggle after a ban on new petrol and diesel cars was brought forward to 2030.
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‘It’s really hard to progress when working part-time’

BBC Money News Feed - Tue, 11/17/2020 - 10:25
Women are more likely to apply for senior roles if they offer flexible hours, a study suggests.
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Covid insurance test case heads to Supreme Court

BBC Money News Feed - Mon, 11/16/2020 - 00:01
Judges' decisions on insurance payouts for business interruption has a bearing on 370,000 businesses.
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Christmas cards 'even more poignant' this year

BBC Money News Feed - Sun, 11/15/2020 - 01:31
Card shops in England have had to shut in lockdown, yet people still want to connect at Christmas.
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